Many people make the mistake to think that the middle or high clase way of living is the common… huge mistake and means they are not opening their eyes. It is the remnants of this Romanticism that allows figures such as Fidel Castro to claim the moral high-ground in Latin America in spite of all evidence to the contrary in his results. You have mentioned that Venezuelans are very passionate and kind of a polarized society. Gas right now on R. I have a question for you, dear. Apologies if I offended you but people are fundamentally wrong taking any pride on these things.

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As a foreigner who ael to Venezuela at least twice a year, I gotta say you hit the nail on the head with this blog entry. Roger Lopez added it Mar 16, I am very proud to be an a venezuelan girl, here there is a joke acpriles saidWhen God created Venezuela it put a lot of things good too,may be too much in one place, gold, oil, cow, beautiful beaches, beautiful girls, friendly people, etc.

But patience has limits at least for me. I give you a year. Loving our beautiful traits and being attentive about the things we have to improve as a society will make us progress more. Glad that you enjoy our happy-party-easygoing part. Ordinary people lap it up,!! Excellent review about the venezuelan culture! Thank you very much for your post.

The fact that they are supportive of politicians who have constantly sought an undemocratic road to power. This is venezolanl point hard to understand but which Fukuyama explains quite well in his last two books. El complejo del dinero by Axel Capriles Who will debunk this narrative? Trying to explain a foreign what cereno is a extreme sport haha, i mean even as a Venezuelan i find myself having a hard time dealing with this, sometimes is good for you, sometimes is bad for you, i dont know cereno is jut cereno.

Open debate and open grilling like in the Things of Germanic societies since well before the Romans came in. Good luck and keep enjoying the nice weather, food, and music. They are so talkative that it makes my mother seem quiet. Sobremesa Chronicles Hope to read more.

Glad you had fun in my lovely country and thanks for sharing your point of view! If the visitor stays to live in our America, he begins to see and feel caprles strange, unexpected, undefinable, incalculable in the behavior and the aims of these people, something foreign to his cultural horizon.

That is, the immature university version of the label. Another thing I seem to remember is that in there were no scarcity, no queues to buy tampons and toilet paper and no bachaqueros. Take a look at my website if you want to enjoy some cool music. Such fault very seems to belong mainly to the private sphere of those involved, and is related to feelings and emotions very difficult to be judged by others.

Thank you for your post. El complejo del dinero Im glad you see us this was and reading your perspective of how we are has made my day thank you again for vemezolano article. My husband who is English read the blog and laugh so much!!! I think he has a colon problem. Just thank you for giving us a chance to prove that we are not just made of bad politicians and danger and insecurity and economic problems. This is just beautiful and extremely accurate. Thank you, picarfia friend, for reminding me ho awesome my country is.

At least the author here had the guts to go and live there and learn the language albeit for a short period of time. TOP Related Articles.

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