Shakticage As a practical matter this simply means that the more complicated the network, the longer it will take the RDM to update the status information for all zones. The relays are factory assigned to baccharach following conditions: Once the blockage has been cleared, the HGM will return to normal operation after the zone has been sampled. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The zone number is the low order byte in the register address i.

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Release the left button. The monitor will now be reset A second way to reset the HGM CPU is to turn off power, press and hold the left hand reset button and re-apply power — 5 beeps and release button. Page 3 4 mA to 12 mA to 20 mA - Red light flashing. If full of water, drain and re-secure the petcock. Go to the diagnostic screen on the RDM Page 10 If the clipping fault remains, the reference voltage must be verified and corrected if needed.

These output loops scroll together. We gold plate the inside of the sampling tube. Gold is virtually untarnishable so this improves the reflecting properties of the optical path, which improves overall measurement bench sensitivity and accuracy.

Page 15 5. Auto zeroing or purging has other benefits. This, also, allows us to monitor and compensate for changes in I-R drive circuitry, source, bench, detector, and other electronic components. Again this all adds to long-term reliability and accuracy. To verify this look in the upper left corner of the display on RDM Page 17 9. Note: The Fault light on HGM may illuminate until gas starts to flow from the reference bottle to unit. The pressure should be below the original reading if reading does not drop the unit may be in the purge cycle.

Page 18 8. This will display all of the diagnostic data for the HGM Verify that the unit is not in a purge cycle and take the pressure reading, write down reading. Page 19 9. Press the enter key from keyboard the sensor readings will update indicated by a beep sound from the HGM This manual is also suitable for:.


Bacharach HGM300 Technical Maintenance Manual



Bacharach HGM300 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions Manual


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