Vull Both tests shall consist of twenty-five questions each. A member must have signed in on fragonspine least twelve full-credit regular meeting days during the previous six months in order to vote. Someone may take three different versions of each test, one of which may be verbal, until they are considered to have failed the tests for purposes of running for an office dfagonspine requires passing scores on each test. Dragonspine, i hope everyones holidays have been incredible.

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All subsidiary chapters are bound by the Amtgard Rules of Play, rules updates issued by the kingdom, the Corpora where it applies to running groups smaller than a kingdom, and the contract signed with the kingdom. Sponsored chapters should use these bylaws as a guideline for how to run their local government and should therefore have local equivalents of kingdom officers.

This Corpora is written as a document for governing the kingdom proper and careful attention should be paid to these bylaws to determine the limitations placed upon sponsored chapters. Members of subsidiary chapters are considered to be non-voting members of the kingdom and cannot be dues-paid members of Dragonspine proper. Meeting the criteria for a certain status does not automatically convey that status.

A sponsored chapter must petition the kingdom to request a change of status. The kingdom may demote a sponsored group in status if the sponsored group fails to maintain the criteria for their current status for a period of six months or more.

A sponsored chapter of Barony status or greater may supervise nearby shires also sponsored by the kingdom with the permission of the kingdom Board of Directors. Shires supervised by a sponsored chapter are eligible to receive orders, titles and masterhoods directly from that sponsored chapter.

If the sponsored chapter chooses to write a Corpora, that Corpora must be approved by the Dragonspine Board of Directors. Section 2. A Sheriff may award first and second levels of any order. A Sheriff may not award any titles, knighthoods, or masterhoods. Section 3. The Monarch of a Barony is called a Baron or its equivalent. A Baron may award first through fifth levels of any order.

A Baron may not award any titles, knighthoods or masterhoods. See Note 2. Section 4. The Monarch of a Duchy is called a Duke or its equivalent. A Duke may award first through eighth levels of any order. A Duke may award the title of Lord once per reign. A Duke may award masterhood in the fighting guilds.

A Duke may not award any other titles or masterhoods. A Duke may not award knighthood. Section 5. See Note 3. The Monarch of a Principality is called a Prince or its equivalent. A Prince may award any first through tenth levels of any order. A Prince may award the titles of Lord, Baronet, and Baron. A Prince may award masterhood in the fighting guilds. A Prince may not award any other titles or masterhoods. A Prince may not award knighthood. Notes Note 1: This section has been affected by amendment VI.

Note 2: This section has been affected by amendment X. Note 3: This section has been affected by amendment XI.



Nakus Receipts given for paying dues shall display the time period covered by the dues. The Prime Minister is responsible for maintaining the kingdom treasury, and for maintaining dragonspone and current records thereof. You can earn three different knighthoods with the same set of awards. The Prime Minister shall hold an automatic seat on the Board of Directors. Good luck on your continued journey. Stormfall Mesa has been taken over by undead and slimes. The Guildmaster of Reeves shall work with the Champion to ensure that all battlefield equipment is legal and safe according to the Amtgard Rules of Play.


A complete term of office "reign" for royalty, "term" for other officers lasts six months. All officers must be at least 18 years old. No person may hold more than one of the offices of the kingdom at the same time. All officers must be dues-paid members of the Kingdom of Dragonspine. In the event that an officer does not attend regular meetings at the main park of Dragonspine for four weeks in a row or six weeks total, that officer shall descend from office. An officer may ask the Althing to excuse absences resulting from special situations or time spent at other Amtgard functions. Section 2.


Definition Core-Pour-aa ; n. From the Latin, body of law. Belt favor with the printed words of Aramithris of Meadowlake on the subject of laws. From , the same year that their corporation papers were received.

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