Vodal As such, 1 part as symmetrical to the whole, and 2 part as proportionate of the whole would be two distinct aspects of the same organisation. The lost work was later reconstructed in a single volume by Bharti Sutrad Tirathji based on his memory, giving a brief on the lost volumes. What do you think? Notify me of new comments via email. Now, let us chase the multiplication the Sutra way: It is also a fun to find out how these tricks work.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Therefore, when we shall be having 1 as start with position, as a next step under the rule of Sutra 1, we shall be reaching at The organisation of pairing of two halves with the help of a mirror at the middle is unique organisation of many features, of which the most important is the feature of common remainder for both the halves while both halves are divided by a common divisor.

What do you think? To get sutrzs information about Vedic Maths program, click below on the respective brochure links. It is believed that these Vedas were written several centuries BC. Let us have a close look at this number.

If one is to see the type of difficulties in which the mathematics when worked without taking care for the second dormant half, one is simply to pose to oneself as to why from hypercircle-8 onwards the values start decreasing.

Let us see a simple example Problem: The Vedas are considered as a huge set of highly structured documents difficult zutras date, the most holy of which fall in four collections called sutas Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva Vedas. The source concept is the partitioning parallel to reflection pairing of object and image. Text in Roman script: Ten place value system is the source concept. Here it would be relevant to note that the triangle is the first close organisation of lines.

We can express p as 3—2 p. Originally written in Sanskrit language, these sutras are converted over the time by scholars into various easier and more common dialects. We need not remember all tables. Therefore, the Sutra 1 has many applied values which would work out for us 1 counting, 2 arrangement of counting pebbles, 3 arrangement of beads along a thread, 4 the queue of points along with line etc. We cannot afford to ignore the existence of the structures because of the second dormant half.

We also know that first 9 counts as well can be expressed in double digit forms as: All calculation can be done mentally in a few seconds. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Vedic seers comprehended ten place value system.

Let there be a family F of members m1, m2, The other Sutras may be taken up in due course of time. Ganita Sutras Course : Brian G. Venkatraman was born on the 14th of March, at Tinnievelly, Tamil Nadu. These are 29 in number; 16 of them are designated as Sutras and other 13 as Upsutras. Therefore, Sutra 1, Upsutra 1 and Sutra 2 together make much interesting dimensions to the mathematics.

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Shulba Sutras

Mathematics Students, Teachers and Research Scholars are invited to join this chase which may extent over a period of one year. Let us have an aim to glimpse values and First Principles of Mathematics through Times. And our objective shall be to reach at the mathematical domain which stood worked at different Times. Let our further exercise be to augment all these attainments and to have an insight and vision for the Universal Mathematical Domain.


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Patterns in number. Addition and subtraction. Multiplication practice. Division practice. Multiplication of single digit numbers.

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