Does this make me anti-Semitic? On Mr. Tuckers list I keep looking for one name of a family that controls the entire wheat production of North America. Not one mention of this family. People like Bill Gates gets charged with having a monopoly. What about this family?

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He is survived by his continuing work. James P. Tucker, Jr. Prior to that he had worked for The Spotlight. In , some industrialists, top geo-politicians, European royalty and monopolists began meeting under the radar to more closely mold the world in their image.

Founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the group, without a name, took that of their first meeting place: Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands.

The group would remain a powerful embryo growing into world government, with strong insider players controlling the development of and profiting from the emerging system.

Jim Tucker, an experienced reporter working in Washington, D. In , he began tracking Bilderberg, and by about he was physically shadowing them at their annual meetings, which move to a new, undisclosed location each year. For many years to come, Tucker remained a lone voice in exposing the momentous efforts to establish a global collective for the benefit of a tiny elite who steer its reigns. However, later years would bring new change, as the European Union unfolded and meetings like the G20 attempted to bind the regions of the world through financial and political compacts.

A new wave of activists learned about the quiet group shaping the world and have now created a fervor around Bilderberg reporting in defense of sovereignty. Whereas before the elitist cell managed to escape the media spotlight, it was now faced with reports and coverage every year.

As time wore on, investigative reporters and alternative media outlets, bolstered by the Internet, joined his ranks. I interviewed him in during the Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland on behalf of Infowars. I assigned myself to Bilderberg. I should have thought of that years ago. Since the time of that Helsinki meeting, interest has piqued about the agenda of Bilderberg. More young people are becoming aware. Older patriots, too.

It includes the locations and dates of the meetings, and significantly, the roster of its notable attendees. Year after year, he stole from the gods the names of their members both literally and metaphorically.

Their titles, important positions and tremendous influence are now known and listed for study. What we do with it, whether we hold those individuals accountable and expose their insidious agenda, is up to us, the generations still fighting for freedom. With him were in total more than a thousand protesters outside the walls of the hotel where black limos entered to make decisions in private that affect the public interest.

In that sense, he would go out in a blaze of glory, with his work carried on in thousands of boisterous voices both young and old. An awakening had clearly begun… Share this:.


James P. Tucker, Jr., ‘Bilderberg Hound,’ Dead at 78



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As Jim Tucker Passes, New Generation Exposing Bilderberg


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