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Digis The trouble is it has a fluorescent display and few c64 processors can drive it directly. It is very easy to convert the bit pattern from binary to hexadecimal.

Similar Threads Eprom programming help 8. Would you have a minute to take a look at a file i have produced in regards this. This means only of the possible EPROM addresses are actually used and although not marked on the schematic, address lines A8 upward are all unused and tied to ground. ModelSim — How to force a struct type written in SystemVerilog? Whether the output bits are correct or not depends on what they do later on in the radio. I would be very grateful for any further assistance you might be able to provide on the above.

Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2. Thanks for your Help, Brian. Apologies for the long first post but if anyone could point me the right direction as to how to create this file i would be most grateful before i wear out my UV Eraser or the Spare Eproms i have been using to test the files Regards. Thanks again for your time, Regards, Chris S. If I understand what you want, you have known input lines states and you want to convert them to different output line states by using the EPROM as a look-up table.

How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? PV charger battery circuit 4. Programming File for 27C64 Eprom Hello, Was wondering if someone that has had some experience in creating a BIN or HEX file suitable for a 27C64 Eprom could point me in the right direction re creating a file that would allow the above Eprom to control the output of its data lines D0 — D7 so that it will switch the lines either high or Low i.

PNP transistor not working 2. Measure the voltages on all the Address lines and write down whether they are high or low as a binary number, for example: By the way, i rechecked my data file for the 27c64 eprom and you were correct, the Logic 1 state is 2. Last edited by tait ; 22nd April at In other words anything higher than 2. The radio module Eprom is working correctly as i can manually select the Channels via the 8 pin Dip switch and they follow the Dip Switch codes from the manual.

The on the third schematic is periodicaly pulsing the latch signal so the switches are read in. Programming File for 27C64 Eprom Thanks Brian, I am still having trouble getting a Correct Eprom image c64 will work correctly combining the Channel change module and the radio Module. Most Related.


27C64 - 27C64 64K EPROM Datasheet






AS2020 53E PDF


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