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Nelson Pass has done a lot of work in this area with his Zen builds, but I wanted to go beyond Zen. Was I trying to find the holy grail of amps - the straight piece of silver wire that has pure distortion-free gain? I was always impressed how simple single ended tube amplifiers could be. A single valve, a resistor or two and an output transformer. So I fashioned a FET amp around the same simplicity of design. The schematic for the amplifier section is shown in Figure 1. A schematic and pin diagram for the 2SK is shown in Figure 2.

The four 10W non-inductive wire wound resistors act as the load. The four resistors are 15ohm and 10W each which I wired two in series for 30 ohms and then the two sets of 30 ohms are wired in parallel to give a total resistance of 15 ohms.

These get extremely hot and burn about 30W at idle. Yes, Class-A amplification is very inefficient. I burn over 20 Watts to get only about 4. The heatsink I used is rated at 0. Bias is provided by a K pot and a 1M resistor. It produces the most purest sound.

I have no idea of distortion levels etc. Bass is better than the design predicts and the amp drives my 12" 63L based 3-way speakers with ease. Not quite Zero Components but close to it. It plays all acoustic instruments with an incomparable earthy natural quality. December - Mike also from Australia sent me an email to let me know he also built this amplifier.

I pleased to read his positive comments. January - John sent me an email and some pictures of his build of this amplifier. August - I came across the best looking builds of this project to date which have been put together by Alex Kap. July - Dinesh has also completed the ZCA project.

See the ZCA project completed thread on the forum for photographs and listening impressions. August - Taoybb in Thailand has also put together the amplifier using premium capacitors.

Here are some photos and the power supply used. Last update 3 April Created 14 November


(1) The above table is for reference only.


LEY 29682 PDF

2SJ162 - MOS FET, P-Channel, 160V, 7A


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