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Procedure When to Prepare Form is completed for initial referrals for PHC and CAS, and for referrals for individuals whose initial medical need for services was temporary. If an individual began services based on a temporary need and the need becomes ongoing, a new Form is required. The completed form is returned to the employer who then sends the form to the HHSC case worker. The employer keeps a copy of Form Individual No.

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Part 3. Fortunately, the process to start up and set a DVD player is simple. Step 1: Connect your DVD player to the nearest power supply. Power it on by press the Power button until a small light or a message shows up. Part 2: Choose the right connection. There are diverse interfaces on the back of DVD player corresponding to different connection methods. And you have to choose the appropriate cords depending on your TV.

Unlike other connections, HDMI only need one cord to transmit both audio and video. And it could provide the best quality video possible. Component Cables: it usually has a set of prongs with five different colors. The transmission quality of component cables is less than HDMI. But do not stack them together, for they will heat up and damage each other.

Part 2. Step 3: Check again and make sure both the connections are secure. After insert a readable disc into you DVD player, you can start to enjoy it.

And in the area labeled Output or Out on the back of your DVD player, there are five interfaces match the colors of cords. You should plug all these cords into the interfaces with the same color.

If Output area just contains three interfaces colored green, blue and red, you have to plug the white and the second red cables into the audio output area. Step 2: Then insert the other ends of these cables to your TV and make sure to match their colors.

Go to the Output area on the back of DVD player and insert the cables according to the interface color. Step 2: And plug the other end of the cable into your corresponding interfaces on the TV. Red and white are for the audio connections and yellow for the video connection. Some smart DVD players can trigger a message on your phone to let you use the USB connector to pass camera information and use your phone as the external drive to play the DVD disc on your phone.

Moreover, you can rip DVD into the digital format and transfer the ripped movies on your phone for playback. In a word, you need to plug each ends of the cable into the corresponding interfaces on both DVD player and TV according to the shape and the color.

Considering more and more people watch videos on PCs, including discs, we also provide an alternative solution to get the best quality movie experience on PCs. You can enjoy the Cinema-like audio and video effects with this easy-to-use DVD player. What do you think of this post?


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