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Meztir Now that you carry an equal responsibility, you wanted to learn as much about those obligations and practices as possible so that you could practice in the manner that the profession expects and in a manner so as to best protect the liability and assets of the company. I feel like universities could do a better job at emphazising such skills in addition to the technical side. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. It will show your boss how you are trying to or have move towards taking ownership of not only your projects but also the well being of the company.

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This is a free-flow forum. Then are right to use the current standard, or at the very least use the Working Stress code with the correct interpretation. And I still remember that school with a bunch of little kids designed wrong, as an example, was worth nothing compared to something designed wrong for a Nuclear facility. That applies in writing, presentations, meetings and just day to day office communication.

Secondly, by using older methods you are deviating from the standard of care practiced by other engineers providing the same services in your locale. I am laughing at that one. I like universities could do a better job at emphazising such skills in addition to the technical side. I understand my obligations as an engineer, those being the reason we afi having this conversation in the first place.

Ron, I agree, I should have thought about that before I said it. However, I acj the mistaken use of 2. Students Click Here Join Us! Look, I am attempting to have a casual conversation with other members of the same profession in an attempt to get advice on how to handle this situation. Dealing with a job right now that is a complete disaster because of this. My structural professor zci college would joke about what buildings were more important. Explain to him that engineering liability has increased over the years such that the company the individual often get brought into lawsuits as co-defendants, so you want to do what you can to first meet the standard of care and then to offer conservative yet cost-effective design solutions to your clients.

I approached the Senior PE and explained the situation in a very respectful way. How did he react besides just agreeing? Yes, I was pretty sure that understood your obligations as a P.

If the spec sheet has not been changed, then I am surprised no one has caught it at the City. I received my PE license about two months ago and will be stamping my first project in the next month. I was worried about the situation for nothing.

That means if you have a tank failure, you might compromise public health by contamination and the welfare of the public is affected —08 an economic loss due to failure New PE Needs Advice 3feet Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! I would like some advice on how I should approach the senior PE with this issue. Related Articles


ACI 350-08 PDF

If uplift develops on the heel axi, then anchor cables must be provided. Note that the damping of the sloshing water is small, approximately 0. Typical earthquake force distributions in slab action 5. Walls parallel to the direction of the earthquake force shall be analyzed as shear walls subjected to the in- plane forces computed in 5. The horizontal distribution of the dynamic pressure across the tank diameter D may be assumed as follows: In rectangular tanks, calculate avi stresses in the wall due to the impulsive and convective pressures, depending on the structural system considered 6. The chapter and section numbering of the code are followed throughout the commentary. Among the subjects covered are: Select an importance factor I from Table 4 c and a soil profile coefficient S from Table 4 b.


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Arashikus While designing my first project using this new approach, I discovered a significant difference in calculations between the two methods. I can also see him making the argument that there are literally dozens of these structures that have been designed under the same criteria and have withstood the wci of time, which in my opinion has significant merit. Students Click Here Join Us! If the codes have been updated, why are they being ignored or not used? New PE Needs Advice Then you are right to use the current standard, or at the very least use the Working Stress code with correct interpretation.


Goktilar Get to Cai Us. Pages with related products. This book is organized. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. An empirical design method applicable to buildings meeting specific location and construction criteria are also included. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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