Supreme Court makes a unanimous 9—0 decision that telephone consumers can gain standing in federal courts to sue abusive telephone marketers. The act was passed so that out-of-state telemarketers, by operating interstate, could not escape state-law prohibitions on intrusive nuisance calls. Petitioner Marcus D. We hold, therefore, that federal and state courts have concurrent jurisdiction over private suits arising under the TCPA The judgment of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit is reversed, and the case is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. Supreme Court makes a 6—2 decision that restores copyright status to some foreign works previously in the public domain.

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Air Gun Fun! When I was four we moved into a house in Leesburg, Florida that had an orange tree in the front yard. The first affordable air gun that really sparked my interest was this PX-4 Storm marketed under the Beretta name. It operates on CO2 and has real blow-back operation reminiscent of my 9mm PX We dug some soft drink cans out of the garbage and had a blast. Some of these folks were non-shooters who had so much fun the next stop is the real gun range.

When the CO2 cartridge is fresh, this pistol is very accurate and it will send drink cans flying across the ground or room. It uses magazines that allow you to load 8 pellets on one end and 8 on the other. You shoot the first 8 then turn the magazine around for 8 more. I have several magazines so you can load up and have a blast for a while.

Close behind the Beretta for fun is this Crossman replica of a magnum revolver. This air gun feels very similar to a real magnum, without the kick of course. You can shoot it in single-action or double-action mode. I found a 22 caliber bullet trap at Walmart with a target hanger that allows you to shoot either of these handguns inside.

Bass Pro has a number of air rifles in. There are all degrees of sophistication, but wanting something simple I got a single-shot Ruger that you have to cock to build air pressure. It shoots pellets at 1, feet per second and is very accurate.

The bullet trap does a great job of capturing those pellets and preventing them from bouncing back and hitting someone in the eye. One of my grandsons brought a Daisy Red Ryder over one weekend and we set up some drink cans and proceeded to splatter them all over the yard.

I bought one. You can load about BBs in that magazine and shoot until you get tired. You can send cans flying end-over-end with that Daisy. It has a wooden stock and is made of metal. Can you believe that! CO2, pellets and BBs are cheap and I can shoot them at home. Some of these have blow-back that emulates the real thing and all have the look and feel of their real-gun counterparts.


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