And more. Sleight of hand and the art of moving stealthily. Where to strike a man to render him unconscious. Where to strike a man so that he dies without crying out. Where to stab a man so that he dies without too much Reread this AGAIN because I am going to read all of the books up to date that are out!!! Where to stab a man so that he dies without too much blood welling out.

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He regularly suffers from a flu-like illness which leaves him bedridden for several days, after which his skin sloughs off to reveal darker skin underneath. He is pale to the point of being nearly albino, with thin white hair and colorless eyes that many people find hard to meet. As the jester, he dresses in blue-and-red motley, or a black-and-white motley for winter.

By the end of the trilogy, Fitz notes that the Fool has begun to undergo a change, and that his skin and eyes have become ever so slightly golden. Amber is described as tawny in both her skin and long hair, and her eyes are golden as well.

She wears several pieces of jewelry; many are wooden and of her own make, the exception being a silver and sapphire slave earring. Lord Golden has long, curly golden hair and wears extremely flamboyant and fashionable clothes.

He participates in the latest beauty trends, decorating his face with markings that resemble those of Elderlings. In Golden Fool , the Fool reveals that he has an intricate back tattoo which depicts several colorful dragons.

He is short-haired and paler than he has been in years, appearing almost a corpse-like gray; he is blind, his hands are deformed, and he is covered in scars and abscesses.

When he is somewhat healed and visits Kelsingra , he returns to the guise of Amber. Fitz believes the Fool is male. When masquerading as Amber, the Fool is exclusively perceived as female, though her features are noted as not especially feminine. Likewise, Lord Golden is believed male, except by Jek , who sees Amber in disguise. Personality Edit The Fool alters his actions and mannerisms to maintain the facade of the characters he plays. Lord Golden delights in finery and frippery and flirting.

Some of these traits appear to be part of his intrinsic personality. Even in private he is frequently sarcastic and takes great pleasure in teasing his friends. He comments on his delight in dressing himself and Fitz in fancier clothing, and also appears to enjoy making himself up as Amber.

However, he is also prone to graveness or even despair when reflecting on his role in the world and the tasks he feels he must accomplish. According to him, he was born in a small village to a mother and two fathers, which was customary in his land.

His mother had black hair and green eyes, his fathers were brothers, and he had a sister with golden hair. He was recognized as special by the people of his village and eventually taken to Clerres. This last gives him sympathy towards Girl-on-a-Dragon, and he strives to awaken her and set her free.

The Fool predicts the future and uses Fitz to change it to his vision, which is not always easy on the Catalyst. If you save part of the world, you save all of it, as that is the only way it can be done, or so he says.

It is said that the Fool knows everything before it happens and that he knows if anyone, anywhere speaks of him. Perhaps sometimes this has been so, but in many a well-witnessed cases, he has predicted, however obscurely, events that later came to pass. Many stories have arisen, one being that he was captive of the Red Ship raiders and Bingtown traders seized him from them.

Another is that the Fool was found as a baby upon a small boat shielded from the sun by a parasol of sharkskin and cushioned on a bed of heather and lavender. The Fool admits to him that his love for Fitz has no bounds, and distances himself away from Fitz when he tells that he would never want to bed him.

Soon after, Fitz confronts the Fool again. Prilkop was the White Prophet of an earlier Age, that ended with the cataclysm in which the Elderlings and Dragons were destroyed. He had waited on Aslevjal for the next White Prophet, that having been his last vision of the future. The Fool and Prilkop decide to return to their homeland to share all they had learned as Prophets.

It is implied that at some point in the future, Fitz and the Fool will again be reunited.


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