If you have been accepted for ill health retirement and your pension benefits are currently deferred. If you have had a refund of contributions prior to 1 April , and subsequently built up less than two years membership in the Scheme. If you are currently in NHS employment and fall into one of the below categories: You have membership in the and Sections and are claiming your Section benefits only. You have membership in the Section and Scheme and had a break of more than five years in your membership ending on or after 1 August and are claiming your Section benefits only. If you are a male member who is already in receipt of your Special Class benefits and requested to defer your pre 17 May membership and are now claiming those benefits.

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Read our factsheets for information about members retiring either: in the interests of efficiency of the service on redundancy You may need to use the redundancy calculator: Redundancy calculator Excel: KB Redundancy calculator guide PDF: KB Forms you may need: Complete and return the Redundancy supplementary information checklist Word: KB with a completed retirement benefits claim form AW8.

Return by email if submitting the form on POL. This is only applicable to members of the Section and Scheme. NHS pensions are reviewed annually and are increased, if appropriate, to keep pace with rises in the cost of living. This indexation is commonly known as Pensions Increase. Pension Increase is paid from April. This will depend on the type of retirement. The retirement guide contains more information about Pensions Increase.

Pension commutation Pension commutation is an option for members with Scheme membership on or after 1 April Members can opt to permanently exchange some of their pension for a lump sum, which is normally tax free. The remaining pension must be more than the annual revalued Guaranteed Minimum Pension where applicable. This is the limit set by HMRC. There are some differences to be aware of. For the Section, members must have contributed to the Scheme for at least one day on or after 1 April They will automatically receive a lump sum that is normally tax free but can increase it by exchanging part of their pension.

To receive a lump sum, they will need to exchange part of their pension. This is based on their membership up to 31 March They have given up some pension in exchange for this. This is known as the mandatory lump sum. It can be increased by exchanging a further part of their annual.

When to apply The application to exchange part of the pension for a lump sum should be made: at the time of claiming retirement benefits before any pension is put into payment Members who wish to exchange pension for lump sum who are claiming Actuarially Reduced Early Retirement, will have the amount they are able to exchange based on the value of benefits after actuarial reduction. Members who retire on ill health grounds can exchange the full value of their benefits, including the enhanced element, subject to the maximum amount payable.

Trivial commutation Read our factsheet for information about the possibility of a member converting a small pension into a one off lump sum payment.

As soon as a change has been identified, an AW should be sent so a revised award can be calculated and to avoid any potential for an overpayment. Revised retirement benefit details AW PDF: KB Allocation A member may allocate give up part of their pension to provide a pension for another person under certain conditions. The allocated person may be a: spouse.






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