Works great. I ordered one of these to make a "hard-of-hearing" station for our local small church. I plan to mount the item upside down onto the back of the pew in front of where the user will sit. Upside down because of how all the wires will hook up and be run.

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I have not tried other models. It is well designed so it is: a headphone amplifier output direct instrument. There is no breath and no noise. The microphone input schedule is very useful! It serves me, for example, to mix the sound coming out of a drum machine with the sound of an instrument. But one can envisage many other applications In short, this is a small preview mixer amplifier with headphones.

His ontruction appears solid. Its size is mini. It does not generate noise, and it has an external power supply provided, all for a price well compressed! I am very pleased with this acquisition, which is handy and good quality! We will see in the long run. I would come to an update if by chance it fails! Compared to competing models, I appreciate the stereo auxiliary input, two headphone jacks minijack to jack and 6.

In practice, this unit will be ready just after the microphone and auxiliary will in the mix that I usually send back in the wedge, the singing and less.

The singer will then have the freedom to manage itself the level of his voice in his ear, and I shall confine the same time the little feedback problems that can occur in confined areas. At the level of complaints: - The microphone does not plug a line source impedance too low, no pad. We can always use an ID but it loses the compact side of the unit. I had a question about it because nothing is mentioned in the doc now so I can confirm. In home studio use, there are many other ways to manage the monitoring, but it could help, especially since in my quick test the MA is proving very transparent and can be easily inserted at the output of microphone.

Again, Behringer could think about on stage as small fragile cables are not convenient and require more care. And since there are quite a catch, it may be difficult to fix the MA on a desk or a microphone stand. In the end, this device is intended to stage than the studio, and less than 30 euros it is convenient to replace a wedge.

It is very simple and seems solid heavy, no play in the decision, avoiding direct minijack adapters often sources of false contacts and allows qux singers adjust their return on their own. I publish the notice as soon as I get used in real conditions, but for now I am optimistic. VERY important: it does not recognize the phantom power, but it puts him in default if the 48V is enabled on the voice of the microphone, the MA no sound comes out, it was just a big buzz. For the cons can be battery powered, which can be useful to overcome the small power supply.


Behringer MA400 Ultra-Compact Monitor Headphone Amp



Behringer MicroMON MA400 User Manual



Behringer MICROMON MA400 Manual



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