He is responsible for one of the most popular English translations of the Hindu text Bhagavad Gita , and of some of the major Upanishads His first work, Lamps of Fire , was a collection of religious and spiritual wisdom from across the world; a selection from the book inspired the Beatles song " The Inner Light " Though his native tongue was Catalan , he translated into English. His obituary in The New York Times said he had, "achieved the unique feat of translation from languages not his own Sanskrit and Pali into another language not at first his own English. After finding this spiritually misleading, he discovered an older English translation of the Bhagavad Gita. This inspired him to study Sanskrit in order to gain a better understanding of the text, as the available translation was quite poor.

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The final confrontation between the massed forces of Good and Evil. And naturally, we are all terrified. I, Arjuna, am drenched in angst. I can find no meaning in life or in the cataclysmic approaching battle He comforts Arjuna with the knowledge that life and death are mere dreams we all must dream. That the battle itself is a dream. And face - head on. Back when I was young, I pretended I was a player in the battle of life.

Only after a while I was overwhelmed by the cruel, cold logic of the noonday devils of the adult world. And I was desperately struggling to hold onto my dreams! I read the Gita and learned it was ALL a dream. And if all personalities were empty of selfhood, why worry? And that escape mechanism worked for a while.

But in midlife, the fast and furious pace of my career started to burn me out. The world was now so in-your-face for me, that I looked for a new retreat - and found it in the elevated, circular thinking of the postmodernists.

The two strategies were soporific sedatives. So I pursued my career to its successful conclusion, with full retirement benefits. Then, full stop. Finally, retirement! That bred anxiety - an anxiety that hung on. So I looked for something much more substantially positive for my reawakened mind, and found it in the faith of my youth. And rejoined the Battle I had so long ago deserted. But, you know, I had known that long ago, when I effected my first vain escapes I had just forgotten how fierce the fighting was.

In an immoral world, moral action is imperative. We HAVE to fight. But years and years of avoidance had produced a sleeping vacuum where my seriousness about life had previously been. Much the same as some of my readers. Deep sleep is contagious. But I was now serious again. Deadly serious. So now, instead of staying a make-believe player, I became a tiny participant in one Huge Eternal Battle. I took a stand, even though I saw that my own impact all along had been minuscule, and was likely to remain so - especially from my renewed vertigo-inducing perspective.

Simple faith can work wonders. And it can give you Peace. THEN we can see the Vast Enemy face to face - the same enemy, as it tells us, that is doomed to defeat on that final day of days. The enemy that now get this! For that predawn cauchemar that was so terrifying is now just an outlandish magic lantern show cast on the wall of the mind by the Shadow. And the battlefield? The worst part for them, of course, is that now they no longer have a hiding place in this vast battlefield, or a place to dive to cover from the fiery chariot wheels of the Lord.

For His victory is certain And the old fears, dreads and anxieties? Because, now we are free of our long inner turmoil. And on the wind is written: Peace is at hand!


The Bhagavad Gita


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