Kansas City, Missouri, March 16 When death comes for you, it will not be gentle. But now that he was staring into its jaws, he realized what she had meant. A Synestryn demon crouched behind a run-down three-story building, its eyes glowing a bright, feral green. It was huge, making the Dumpster beside it look like a milk crate. Heavy muscles bulged in its limbs, quivering in anticipation of the kill.

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Quick rundown Very refreshing change of pace. Just wish more of the Sanguinar characters other than Tynan played a part in this. Your hero is a Sanguinar why withhold all that information till the very last minute?

Missed the boat there. Andreas: New leader of the Slayers. Very intrigued by this Quick rundown Very intrigued by this guy. He has a ton of presence and sounds sexy. Love the pointy ears but why the hell are they called the Slayers?

I like the possibility of him with the Gerai human Carmen. His reaction to her was very telling. As long as she gets her act together and stops acting like a selfish indignant brat. Her flippant ungrateful attitude towards her adoptive father Joesph is super annoying and over-the-top. The poor man. The only reason she offers herself as part of the trade with the Slayers is to get away from Joseph and Dabyr, never mind the fact that the man has given her everything she could ask for and took her in when she had no place else to go.

She jumped at this opportunity to get away from Joseph. What a peach. Nicholas: the scarred Theronai with the beautiful kind eyes. Please author fix it. Every time someone has an encounter with these monsters they are described differently. Some look like wolves with shark teeth, others are human-like with no face or missing fingers with odd joints and scaly patchy skin, some are like snakes, some are giant centipedes, dolphin-like fishes with tentacles, giant walking roaches think Men in Black , dogs with green glowing eyes, etc.

These things come in all shapes and sizes and are continuously changing in looks and breed in every single book. Is there a reason for this? If they are interbreeding or using hosts for bodies then it needs to be explained, cleared up.

This is 5 books in, the world building really needs to be better than this. Nika- WTH is wrong with you? It made me want to smack her. Her whiny ungrateful obnoxious attitude towards him got under my skin the most, acting like Tynan did nothing to help Tori.

Are you kidding me? She pretty much was treating him like a leper and a servant just like some of Theronai guys do all the time. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Not everything is about your sister Nika so settle down. Still not a big fan of how Butcher writes her heroines. The scene I just mentioned with Nika and that whole drama with Carmen is perfect example of that. Everyone has their stupid moments I get it. But one-track minded denseness and selfish tendencies are one too many for my tastes.

So far out of the entire ensemble cast Nika, Grace and Hope are the only tolerable root-worthy ladies.


Blood Hunt



On the Hunt


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