My sister Camille is a wicked good witch. And as for me? Hungry ghosts are tearing up the town and people are running scared. I strike a deal with Ivana Krask--one of the Elder Fae--and too late, discover strings are attached.

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My Take Whoa I think this is one of the better ones in this series. Nor were there any huge stupid things happening Her characters stayed consistent, no obvious holes or continuity issues The Story A vampire serial killer is on the loose in Seattle, and Sassy is crossing the line, slipping in every way.

When Mennolly approaches Roman for help with the murders, he has his price: Wade and more. More as in passion, response. An act that backfires in so many ways.

Her primary lover is Nerissa Shale, a werepuma who belongs to the Rainier Puma Pride and, sadly, lost the election. Chrysandra is an FBH, a full-blooded human who works as a waitress at the bar. The girls are about to open the Wayfarer up as an inn for supernatural guests.

Tavah is a full-Fae vampire who guards the portal at the bar on weeknights for Mennolly and not at all picky about the blood she drinks; Lucius is Fae and watches during the weekdays while Kendra, an elf, watches on weekends. Tava also quit OIA and joined up with Asteria. Delilah is half-fae and a were-housecat, panther, and the only living Death Maiden bound to an Elemental Lord. Shade is a shadow walkerhalf black dragon and half-Stradolan which allows him to work shadow and illusion.

The Nectar of Life he drank in Bone Magic is changing him, giving him unexpected powers. Mallen is another med tech. Brett, a vampire, is still on his superhero kick as Vamp-Bat. Wade Stevens, the head of Vampires Anonymous, the group that kicked Mennolly out because she killed her sire see Darkling , is running for Regent against Terrance from Fangtabula.

Serena is a young girl sired by Terrance a hundred years ago. Frederick Corvax will be presented as the new Regent at the ball. Queen Asteria rules the elves. Ivana Krask, the Maiden of Karask, is a gifted, not human psychic, Roman recommends for purging super-charged ghosts. Shadow Wing is a demon lord determined to acquire the seals that will unlock the gate between Hell and Earth, and then to Otherworld. But neither did his guy!

The Cover The cover is Mennolly of course with her long hair in its multitude of braids. Wearing a metallic red leather jacket and a tight black T with blue jeans with some kind of tattoo or black ribbon choker around her neck. Mennolly is leaning up against a cinder block wall, splashed here and there with blood.

The title brings in another big bad Theres a vampire serial killer stalking women which in turn flares up human hatred against vampires. He also has designs on Menolly herself. I am torn a little here on the story. This book focuses on a main character, Menolly, but the story is a departure from the focus on Shadow Wing and the impending invasion.

Instead we focus on vampire politics, a serial killer and developing the world building of the vampires with a side order of relationship issues and the Wayfarer bar. Morio, Camille, Vanzir, Smoky, Chase and the Demon underground all have their own storylines developed as well.

And pretty much none of it relates to Shadow Wing or the war. And this is where the being torn comes in. But part of me also acknowledges that the reason why all the characters of this series are as strong, as fully fleshed and as identifiable as they are is the effort the author puts in to making sure that every character has a life of their own — which, by necessity, means they have stories of their own but do we have to see them all?

And part of the reason why the world is so rich and compelling and complete is because it has all of these elements that do intrude into their lives rather than there just being one thing happening. It does make the world real — after all, how often can we focus on one issue in our lives and the rest of the world go away? Why should Menolly, a vampire, be able to focus on the war with Shadow-wing and completely ignore the vampire world?

Why should Smoky be able to act without dragon politics ever imposing on his life? This really lets the world building tell itself — we could have Menolly drily tell us the risks vampires face of losing themselves — or we can see the a vampire face that very same, tragic fate. The story moves now, making distractions a whole lot more tolerable — and making this book one that maintained tension, action and flow throughout.


Blood Wyne

Ghost of a Chance. Chase continues trying to figure himself out after drinking the Nectar of Life. Please enter the message. I think the dynamic between the three girls is the best thing about this series, and really makes them amazing books. Please verify that you are not a robot.


GALENORN Yasmine - LES SOEURS DE LA LUNE - Tome 9 : Blood Wyne




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