Kaufmann sitting by his side. Wright, you can start tomorrow. Broadacre City model, January 1, More than 55 years have passed since the first public exhibition of the Broadacre City models.

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Kaufmann sitting by his side. Wright, you can start tomorrow. Broadacre City model, January 1, More than 55 years have passed since the first public exhibition of the Broadacre City models. Exhibitions continued in the United States through Upon its return to Taliesin in Wisconsin, Wright mounted the model for display at Hillside where he continued to perfect and edit it until the time of his death in Lack of any meaningful theory of urban land use that has wide acceptance, combined with unrestrained private development activity, has led to the destruction of urban life, the deterioration and abandonment of inner cities and the creation of urban sprawl.

M odern urban theory, so called, has proven incapable of describing urban reality in our time, let alone ameliorating its conditions. What is needed more than theory is a reintroduction of value, and it was in just that area that Broadacre City had its strength. As Wright well knew, only when values are put first will technology become tool rather than master.

While the mainstreams of architecture were busy designing, building, publishing, and creating their artistic controversies and revolutions, Frank Lloyd Wright began to think out new ideas. The city is a process, rather than a form. His city would provide the space, freedom and beauty necessary for the growth of the individual.

In studying the models one of the most obvious characteristics of Broadacre City is that it contains many small farmsteads and houses intermingled. Virtually every freestanding house has some agricultural land attached to it. During the Depression era of the s, Wright was not the only person to theorize that if people had a plot of land, however small, they would be able to subsist. All that Broadacre houses ask of society is that they be genuinely Democratic, and of all government that it be strictly impersonal.

This city of the future does, however, ask for a quality of thought and a kind of thinking on the part of the citizen that organic architecture alone at the present time represents or seems to understand … a new reality in our way of living and building, an environment in our democracy. Broadacre City proposes a physical fabric and social arrangement necessary to achieve the broader values of democracy. The group had just completed their cross-country trek from Wisconsin driving in a caravan of cars and trucks loaded with bounty from the gardens of Taliesin.

As guests of Dr. Alexander Chandler, the Fellowship stayed at La Hacienda, a polo stable that had been converted into living quarters.

It was there under the entry roof that the Broadacre City models were constructed. Fellowship in Arizona, April 1, Wright saw this idea as extending out over the land and that it would assume different characteristics depending on the terrain. The main thing was to have an architect that understood building in relation to the site and who understood the needs of the people.

I worked on the small houses that had orchards and vineyards behind them. I started painting my section in earth tones, which Mr. Wright liked. Wright felt that there was no longer any need for people to huddle together in cities as they did in the dark ages. Professionals would work at home. The large model was completed within a few months and then trucked to Rockefeller Center in New York City.


Broadacre. A utopia de Wright.

As Dr. Advertisement "He imagined himself as someone who could solve a huge number of social issues and social problems through design," Lapping says. In his book The Disappearing City, Wright explained that the answer to the problem of how the people of this utopian community might buy goods. The gas station would become the most important marketplace of Broadacres: In the gasoline service station may be seen the beginning of an important advance agent of decentralization by way of distribution and also the beginning of the establishment of the Broadacre City. Wherever the service station happens to be naturally located, these now crude and seemingly insignificant units will grow and expand into various distributing centers for merchandise of all sorts. They are already doing so in the Southwest to a great extent.

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