Card Weaving Author: Candace Crockett With nothing more than some strands of yarn and a few simple cards with holes in them, you can easily weave fabrics of great complexity and beauty. No loom is required, and no tedious picking out of patterns by hand. Contemporary weavers use the technique to produce belts and bands, decorative trims, bags, wearable art, sculptural pieces, and wall hangings using sturdy woolen yarns, sleek cottons and linens, or the tiniest silks, The author begins Card Weaving with a fascinating historical overview, then introduces the materials and techniques of the craft. Next, she takes the reader step by step through the basic process, including how to thread the cards and set them up for weaving, and how to turn them to produce patterns. The next chapters deal with the most exciting aspect of card weaving--designing and drafting original patterns.

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You can start this study when you wish and work at your own pace. This is the way I wish I had been taught to card weave. My goal is to be sure that we all understand the mechanics of the weaving process, how the turning and threading direction relate to each other and how to design your own work. Be sure to read everything assigned and ask questions! Enjoy yourself! Since this Study was first put on my web site there have been two wonderful pieces of software developed for card weavers.

The Loomy Bin This site provides design tools for card and loom weavers. These tools are meant to be used over the Internet, there is no need to install them on your computer. To run the tools, your computer needs to have a Java enabled browser.

The tools are for Card Weaving and Loom Weaving. This is a great site! Please read chapters 1 on History, 2 on Tools and Materials, and 3 The Basic Technique A Note on the photos - low contrast makes the light and medium colors hard to distinguish. Assignment 1 - Chapter 3 We will make the sample on page 32, Band A. Note I have suggested you weave 6" to 10" on most all of these sections. This will give you the chance to practice your weaving, beat hard, and make straight selvedges.

It also gives you a nice length of sample to examine. Three colors or shades of one color, dark, medium, and light. Use no more than 6" to tie-on and 2" to spread the warp. Thread your cards following the pattern draft on page Remember cards face to the left and D-A is on top. Read page 39 through the rest of the chapter before you start to weave. When you begin weaving follow the sequences of turning on page 40 figure, 1 through 5. Be sure to re-read page 48 Controlling the Weft Thread. We will learn how to deal with this later.

Top photo. Weave 6" to 10" turning 4 toward and 4 away, figure on page Now read page 40, figure , 6 through 9. The warp tends to spread a bit when you reverse the turns so adjust your weft properly at this point.

You will also notice that the weft will show at the selvedges. Be sure to turn four full turns, check this by making sure that you throw the weft four times. Notice the two light threads that connect the boxes. You will notice that your weaving now lies flat due to turning the cards toward and and away.


ISBN 13: 9780934026611

Date of issue: 1 November Description of the book "Card Weaving": With nothing more than colored yarn and simple cardboard squares, crafters can produce exquisitely patterned woven bands with this guide, which includes patterns for sturdy belts and camera straps, delicate silk trims and ties, creative wall art, and even hefty rugs and mats. But, if you have previously look at this e-book and you are therefore willing to create the discoveries well request you to spend time to depart a review on our site we could submit both equally bad and good opinions. Quite simply, "freedom involving speech" We all totally supported. Ones opinions to lease Card Weaving : different readers are able to choose about a e-book. These kinds of help could make us all much more Combined!


Card Weaving


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