By: mrsmith on August 27, at I assume you should have posted this in the Geryl post. Not so long to wait now! I only just came across this prophet or non prophet recently after learning about him from a friend. I did some investigation about the thing some time ago and conclude that most of it is fiction or fantasy with a few stretched facts attached. You can prove anything with numbers and statistics. I like to question and try to work out explinations for why things are and how people act.

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By: mrsmith on August 27, at I assume you should have posted this in the Geryl post. Not so long to wait now! I only just came across this prophet or non prophet recently after learning about him from a friend.

I did some investigation about the thing some time ago and conclude that most of it is fiction or fantasy with a few stretched facts attached. You can prove anything with numbers and statistics. I like to question and try to work out explinations for why things are and how people act. But there is one fundamental thing about all of the thing etc, that troubles me. The followers seem to think that mankind is evolving to such an extent that mankind is ready to transform to a new higher level, very soon!

We seem to have evolved into a form of sheep, fixated with materialism, logos, celebrities and psudo-theories. We have become so removed from understanding science and logic, that the western reality is just a mixture of obscure belief systems. Unfortunately the rest of the world seem to be following rather maintaining more spiritual cultures.

If you look at this growing section in any book shop you will understand why. There is a clue there to, why there are so many. I can invent a new month as well as the next man. The path to enlightenment is a solitary one. By: Rob on January 1, at In a later post Calleman criticized me partly justifiably so for being critical of his most recent book when I had not read it but only referred to summaries of it.

However, I have read the book now and I will discuss it throughout this year. My first beliefs of the content of his book still remain unshaken. Calleman, and plenty of others, use scientific jargon and mudde it with New Age spirituality.

You are right that the tendencies we see today are not pointing towards the emergence of a new higher consciousness. I doubt that technology will save us since it is basically designed to create more desires and propel the current resource spending hysteria into devastating thresholds.

It would have been interesting if the ers could come up with some creative solutions rather than creating fanciful nonsense. Very Small Sense Of Community. By: Johan Normark on January 4, at A rather late respose to Mr or Ms Becomming Corn, I have had a few other things on my mind lately as well as the end of the world. I think many scientists, philosophers and spiritually minded people will agree, mankind is in for some very challenging times ahead. A look back at the demise of many past civilisations shows how civilisations prosper and fail.

There is no specific date for this though. It could be a gradual process or it could be tomorrow, next week or many years from now. Of course if we all get our act together, we could help make this world a better place too. Wishing and waiting for the day when it all falls down is not a very positive atitude to life. We can all maybe do a little in our own way to help improve things. Sites like this can maybe help a little, if just a few people begin to doubt the prophets of doom and see what the real problems are and think about how they can help to change them.

I also believe that spontanious healing and evolution are posible. Spontanious is afterall just a specific view of time. Are you sure time is a double helix? I thought it was a multidimensional helix with a duality of waveness and particleness! I could be mistaken though as these things are all just theories.

I guess a double helix is a nice pattern though, nice and convenient to picture and sounds sufficiently techno-jargonic without to much of that scary science stuff.

There is no One Reality, we all live in our own reality, thats my conclusion. I believe the New Age Spirituality Reality and this stuff is too much influenced by taking drugs at a young age. These are just my opinions and so rather subjective and not to be believed. Just as the prophecies are subjective and not to be believed.

Belief is a dangerous thing, given lightly. In my opinion nobody knows what will happen, or what will not happen in , or somewhere close to it. However, the US government, and other governments around the World building huge, secret underground shelters everywhere. I guess the government understand ancient knowledge, that all stars, and planets are connected to each other by subtle energy lines, just like the acupuncture lines in our human bodies.

The cyclic flow of this subtle energy from the Pleads could bring new life, new energies to our planet and solar system, but it could also destroy,and knock out all our communication systems, and power lines, could reverse the magnetic poles,could put the Earth in a new, bigger orbit, could bring a new ice age,and so on.

The sign of Aquarius , is a lady with a water flowing out of a water jug, or subtle energy flowing on our planet, and solar system. But we dont know how, or when exactly the age of Aquarius began, it could be , or , or even before. And the government is preparing for this, but in case I m not on their list to go in their underground shelters, I will be building my own shelter in the Aquarius Mountains in Arizona, for the new age of Aquarius.

By: Alex on January 25, at I doubt that any government believes in what you are saying. They do not bother with New Age beliefs. If there is someone believing this I am more worried about such beliefs entering the government.

I wonder why you write about these particular ideas on a thread about Calleman. He does not believe in magnetic polar shifts, Pleiades, etc. He does believe in other wacky stuff though. I believe a little fear is healthy. I fear for those who give belief to easily in unquestioned prophecies etc. Time generally moves forward by whatever method or shape , growing, learning and evolving is part of going forward.

I doubt we will ever get unity in this world though. Maybe a feeling of entitlement is increased as a result of unquestioned beliefs, whatever they are. Perhaps the free giving of belief breeds an attitude of expecting something in return!

I doubt I will continue to add to this forum, unless I feel I have something useful to add on the specific subject in the future. I will resist from adding to the, dawning of aquarius debate, nice tune, sad and a little ironic to think it will be sung underground.

Thanks Johan for your patience with this stuff. I read hard science fiction books, and as you say, this thread is about Calleman, I have not much to say here. However, if he is talking about the subtle energy wave from the Peiades, that is coming with the new age of Aquarius, and will effect every atom in our solar system,This could happen sometimes, and it could be in Our Planet and Solar system not just flying aimlessly in empty space, but it is a part of a huge Galactic structure.

If this wave will really happen in , in my opinion this subtle energy is not a polarized energy, it is neutral, and as the atoms will consume it, all the atoms could lose some mass, in the planets, and the Sun, and will be less gravity, and the Earth and planets could jump into new bigger orbits, everything will expand, even our measuring stick,so we will not even know it, but it could also bring a new ice age. And I think my nonsense here, maybe better than the Calleman nonsense.

The Pleiades is of little concern to him. This is a beautiful time in our world, IF we make it that. We are allowing people, innocent people being born into this world who stand absolutely no chance at surviving. We see corruption more obvious, more evident each and every day. As far as we know, we are the most advanced civilization that has ever been on Earth. We know we are all made of energy, we all know we are frequencies.

Example, a study was found, that if you shoot the exact same frequency of say an apple, into a person, they will then have all the same energy that apple would have given them. I believe that all of our technologies are pushing us to enlightenment, and this year is just as good as any to change? We NEED this. The world needs to be unified, there is no doubt about it, the world needs this. By: Twyla on March 5, at I am a Mayanist and archaeologist and my only concern with my posts on the circus including Calleman is how they twist and bend what we know of the Maya into something completely nonsensical.

If you are willing to believe these people it is fine with me. By: Johan Normark on March 6, at With all due respect Johan, can you please provide a constructive opinion as to the end of the calendar, as opposed to simply critisizing others thoughts and beliefs? By: KB on October 19, at I have done that many times on the blog. Check the tag and you will find several examples.

You have to do the search yourself. As for Calleman I have more specific points to say in my later posts which you can find at the end of this post. There is no known end date in the inscriptions. By: brian francis on August 28, at Facepalm is another way to check the lines in ones hand. By: Johan Normark on August 29, at First, to say that some people appreciate your rational view of things and your humour.

Thanks I found myself looking at your blogs after a long gap because I thought this Calleman date was around October time. To my supprise its today. Another coincidence or cosmic alignment! This relates to people who suffer from delusions of persecution and paranoia.

It seems that they often believe that a great catastrophe is imminent, perhaps the end of the world! When treated, these people come to realise that the impending disaster is within and not in the external world. Has Homo Imbicilicus been evolving for a long time?

If so, then maybe no quantum leap is required to explain the further evolution of mankind. With this talk of spiecies having specific quantum numbers and quantum leaps replacing Darwinian evolution, do animals that leap, i.


Carl Johan Calleman

Der Tzolkin wird von oben nach unten gelesen. Die Mayas haben mit diesem kosmischen Lichtkalender einen einzigartigen Fahrplan des Lebens eine Form gegeben, die heute immer noch von vielen Menschen als Lebenshilfe angenommen wird. Das Tzolkin-Muster ist damit eng verbunden mit der Entfaltung deines Bewusstseinsrahmens, und die vorhandenen Tzolkin-Energie bezeichnet jeweils einen bestimmt Punkt in seiner Entwicklung. Jedes der 20 Nahuales des Tuns z. Dadurch wird klar, dass jeder Zeitzyklus seine eigenen Rotationsfrequenz hat und dass diese Frequenz in den unterschiedlichen Unterwelten verschieden ist. So sind alle Zyklen der spirituellen zeit im Universum miteinander verbunden.


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