Авто портал www. На сайте найдёте самый широкий выбор и лучшие цены на все марки и модели Caterpillar в Германии и Европе. Подобрав подходящее предложение о продаже колесного фронтального погрузчика Caterpillar H, вы можете связаться непосредственно с нами по телефону либо отправить запрос через форму обратной связи, которая находится в каждом объявлении. После заполнения формы, Ваш запрос будет обработан нашими сотрудниками с максимальной скоростью.

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Tezshura Save to my equipment Save time and remove the hassle — enter your equipment information once and then save it for future use. Find Local Dealer Stores. High quality solid plastics, well-fitted rubber moldings make up the foundation of the M Series cab. Attachments Find the right attachments to fit this machine. An electronic Return To Dig feature levels the bucket as the loader comes down after dumping. Work Tools — Do more jobs with one machine.

All service points are easily accessible. Choose from a select group of machines, attachments and extended warranties to build your ideal bundle.

Easy access to battery terminals for jump starts. The buckets have been designed and engineered to endure the high breakout forces of the M Series Compact Wheel Loader. An extensive range of work tools and bucket styles are available to make your Cat Compact Wheel Loader one of the most versatile machines on the job site.

Find parts for your equipment. It is designed with simplicity and cost effectiveness in mind while still delivering great all-round performance to work in a wide range of applications.

Industry Leading Operator Station — Superior visibility, ergonomics and comfort. See more M This catsrpillar cab machine provides access to more areas on site and applications allowing for low entry machines.

The rear hoods large opening allows for easy access to the engine which features all service points located on one side for easy maintenance. View local price, availiablity and more. Rimpull Control feature enables the operator to match available tractive power to underfoot conditions, helping reduce tire wear. Tier 4 Final machines will not be offered or sold into j.

No derating required up to m 10, ft altitude. The brake system includes independent service brakes on the front and rear axles.

Durability has been designed into the machine by offering protection to features such as the rear lights, loader arm and coupler greasing points.

Caterpollar — Customize your machine to meet your needs. Various fork tine lengths are available. The Cat Compact Wheel Loader offers a comprehensive range of buckets to suit any environment and specific customer needs.

Transmission The Hystat Aggressiveness feature allows the operator cateripllar increase the directional shift responsiveness for faster loading cycles, or adjust for finer control for sensitive tasks such as moving heavy pallets. Durable Design Durability has been designed into the machine by offering protection to features such as the rear lights, loader arm and coupler greasing points.

Material Handling Arms — Compact Products. Caterpillar electric fuel priming pump for ease of service. Cat work tools are designed to get the best caferpillar of the machine and deliver excellent value through high productivity and long life.

Net power ratings are tested at the reference conditions for the specified standard. Sign In Create Account. The right hand console holds secondary functions beyond the all-in-one joystick controller. See more Horizontal Pin Coupler — A This coupler is an evolution of the existing ISO horizontal pin coupler and thus has the in built durability and robust design that has been in the market place for many catedpillar.

Easy access to hydraulic and engine coolers, which can be separated for quick cleanout. Auxiliary Lines and Connectors The auxiliary lines and connectors are fitted as standard, meaning the Cat Compact Wheel Loader comes ready to work. The engine also features: When properly installed and maintained, the cab offered by Caterpillar, when tested with doors, and windows closed as per work cycle procedures specified in ISOresults in operator sound caaterpillar Leq Equivalent sound pressure level of 66 dB A typical.

Tier 4 Final engine caterpil,ar be offered for North America and Japan. Couplers — Making the Compact Wheel Loader even more versatile. The serial number plate is typically found on the back of the engine block. Low sound levels, large spacious cab and intuitive controls keep you catwrpillar comfortably all day long. Related Posts.


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