Main Datasheet and Specifications: In-built oscillator with variable frequency option through an external RC network. Complementary push-pull outputs with a separate active clock output, the clock output is actually an extension of the internal oscillator frequency output. In the astable mode the chip provides the option of integrating external triggering inputs, also called true gating and complement gating modes. The monostable mode enables positive edge triggering as well as negative edge triggering of the IC. Meaning after the normal trigger is applied to the IC, more number subsequent triggers can be applied so that the output adds up the timing, generating further delay at the output. Vdd must be supplied with a recommended 3V to 15V and maximum 18V absolute.

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Positive and negative edge trigger pins for enabling monostable operation. The output pulse width is independent of the trigger pulse duration. Retrigger pin is available for expansion of pulse width. You can use this IC in designing low power square wave inverters. It can operate in a monostable mode. Monostable can be used in signal conditioning or time delay circuits.

This IC is an ideal choice for frequency Division and time Delay applications due to its complemented buffered outputs. How to use CD? Multivibrators are devices that change the state of electrical signals on either a regular basis or according to the requirement.

CD is also a multivibrator IC. It can operate in two modes. A capacitor is connected externally between pins 1 and 3 to determine the pulse width of the output signal in the monostable mode and the output frequency is determined in astable mode by connecting a resistor between pins 2 and 3. A reset input is provided to reset the output of Q to 0 and the other output will become 1. The diagram shown below indicates the behavior of CD IC in monostable mode. The astable input connects with a high level.

The Q output frequency is half to that of the basic frequency. Pin 11 output is the same as that of pin But the output signal is inverted to degrees.

A square wave is a PWM signal with equal width of logic high and low signal. We only need a couple of resistors and capacitors with this multivibrator IC to generate a square signal. This is a circuit diagram for the square PWM generator. We use RV1 as a variable resistor to get the variable frequency. This circuit shows a complete circuit diagram with an output signal. Some of its applications are: Frequency division, multiplication, and discriminators Timing circuits and Timing delay applications Envelope Detection.


CD4047 Monostable Astable Multivibrator IC



IC 4047 Datasheet, Pinouts, Application Notes






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