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Julrajas The Julii have the same clan Disciplines as the Ventrue: Mmekhet instance, Ventrue of the Malkovian bloodline are especially vulnerable to clam Derangements as are other Ventrue, but additionally have one Derangement which can never be cured. The Mekhet embody the idea of a shadowy vampire lord, omniscient and unseen. The same can be said of the Circle of the Crone, which typically draws Mekhet by virtue of its underlying message of redemption and meaning in the unlives of the Damned.

The advisers, the silent watchers, the power behind a CEO, or the one who knows a politicians dirty little secrets. Clan Mekhet They often enthrall, control and embrace from the elites of human hierarchical structures, including politicians, union leaders, businessmen, and crime bosses.

Vampires have always been creatures of the night by design, but none more so than the dwellers in darkness who compose Clan Mekhet. A subgroup known as the Hollow Mekhet are actually a distinct clan, but are believed to be the precursors of the modern Mekhet; their existence is believed to be a consequence of failure to perform proper Egyptian burial rites, resulting in the deceased soul being unable to rest.

The Daeva evoke the image of vampires as seductive, decadent, sexually transgressive predators who blur lust and hunger together, equating the act of feeding with sensual pleasure. By kekhet this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Invictus Shadows are simply quieter about their covenant affiliation than their boastful brothers, or are at least more reserved about the reasons for their affiliation, which typically coincide with those of the Carthians or Melhet Sanctum. Mekhet Kindred very much consider themselves paragons of the vampiric state, so whatever they do, they devote themselves to it and refine their capacity almost to the point of second nature.

Many Mekhet are tutored heavily by their sires post-Embrace, in order that they understand the nature of the clan and its duties. Prospective Mekhet can come from just about any walk of mortal life. Most Shadows prize those traits that best assist them in furthering their passion or their cause. However, as suits their nickname, the Mekhet are even more vulnerable to the ravages of sunlight and fire than other vampires, suffering an additional point of aggravated damage when burned.

The clan does not have a formal symbol but it is associated with two symbols, both of which resemble the Roman numeral VII. Scholarly or philosophical clan members tend to acquire as many dots worth of Mental traits as they can. While the term clan refers to considerably populous and well-known groups, bloodline refers to smaller groups. A Mekhet infiltrator is gracious or invisible, not a sloppy vandal.

Clans and Bloodlines in Vampire: The Requiem The clan emblem of the Ventrue is a scepter inside a crown, superimposed mekbet an inverted isosceles triangle. When brought into a bloodline consensually, the established member bringing the new member in is referred to as an avus. The clan was closely associated with the Senex sitting among them by right of bloodand younger members often spent some time in the Legio Mortuum. Some play the clan archetype to the hilt, dressing in black clothing and adopting styles that allow them to blend into the scenery.

JavaScript is currently disabled. Learn how and when to remove these clqn messages. Views Read Edit View history. While the clan certainly has coarse members, the Mekhet are, by and large, marked by a certain degree of finesse with whatever aspect of tenebrous unlife they choose to pursue. They embody vampirism as crude predation and evoke ideas of animal instinct, untamed ferocity and freedom that are commonly associated with predators. Nosferatu vampires are the repulsive, yet fascinating, alien monsters of legend such jekhet Count Orlok of their movie namesake.

Post — Share — Link. Violent or politically motivated Mekhet typically favor Physical and Social Attributes and Skills, to improve their dealings with others and to allow them to strike from their mekheh. Still others are poets or painters, heirs to darkness of a more personal nature. How does your character build their identity with the mortal world?

This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat clwn Of all the clans, the Mekhet are perhaps the least uniform in the way they appear to others. The idea of single source is not certain. To become a member of a bloodline, the childe must join one through force of will, though in some cases this can happen unconsciously. TOP 10 Related.



Edit The origins of the clans are lost to history, but some Kindred theorize that the clans were the first bloodlines , created by the earliest and most powerful vampires before unliving memory. Requiem for Rome Rulebook gives an ancient historical perspective on the clans, but sheds little more light on their possible origins, except to reveal that the five modern clans have not always been as prevalent as they are now. No vampire can ever join a bloodline stemming from a clan other than their own. As well as supernatural similarities, members of a particular clan will tend to Embrace mortals like themselves, further reinforcing the feeling of "family".


Wu-Tang Clan

Kigul The Traditories were accused of serving the Strix. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Yet more Mekhet are diviners of secrets, questing after information itself forgotten and thus relegated to the darkness of memory. Such Kindred often keep dogs and other servitors, made strong by the cursed Vitae of their masters.


4 Types of Organizational Culture

Edit The origins of the clan lie in the deep nights of ancient Egypt , where they fled the sun into the necropolis and learned the secrets of the dead. These creatures are separated from their ka through a lack of grave offerings which caused the ka to leave the body , which allows the ba to enter the khat. The ba then has to fulfill the duties of the ka, meaning that the newly created Mekhet loses his reflection and his shadow. In doing so, they could not be possessed by the spirit servants of the pharaoh and raise later to exert their vengeance against him. These priests later became the Followers of Seth. When they returned, they had left their blood in the Below and were instead filled with yearning for answers.

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