Vugul The liability of the carrier Article Davon geht eine Kopie an den Warenabsender, [ If necessary, put it on the second copy, as well as on the receipt reservations similar to those, which are provided in the article 8 paragraph 2. Articl e 5 of t h e CMR p ro vides that t he consignment no te be made out [ When the dispute, provided for in paragraph 1 this article, matter pending before a court competent under that paragraph, or when such a dispute was declared by a court judgment, You can not initiate any new cases from the same cause between the same parties, unless the judgment of the court, before the first case was initiated, would not be feasible in the country, where he initiated a new case. In all disputes, arising out of carriage under this Convention, plaintiff may bring the matter before the courts of the contracting countries, defined by the parties by mutual agreement, in addition to the courts of the country, in whose area: The period of limitation runs: Consultation is possible in most Eastern European languages, Deployment of dependable partners. This aids the waybill in being accepted and recognised throughout Europe.

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In a CMR waybill you will find all the important pieces of information and components of a freight contract. As such, it is a very important transport document. This is how an CMR waybill is drawn up At least three original copies are required, which are signed by both the freight carrier and the sender.

And the text of the waybill is quite impressive with regards to its content. Almost every possible event that can happen during transport is to be mentioned. This makes the waybill a very comprehensive document. The following details are part of the CMR waybill: Place and date of issue; Address and name of sender; Address and name of carrier; Place and date of acquisition of the goods, as well as place of delivery. In conclusion: an international waybill according to CMR documents the most important information of a contract of carriage.

Not just in the preliminary stage, but also during transport. This transport document also serves as complete verification. Pfaff Logistics — international transport services! Finding experts of international transport is not easy at all. Years of experience, great references, and an excellent logistics structure are a prerequisite.

We at Pfaff logistics have all of this. That is why we love to be commissioned.


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This Convention has been ratified by most European states, as well as several other countries. Goods companies, drivers and those receiving shipments use a CMR consignment note, which presents information about the shipped goods and the transporting and receiving parties. It is likely to prompt other countries to join — therefore increasing the potential for common benefit. CMR brings many benefits, e-CMR brings more In its paper-based format, the CMR consignment note brings many benefits: it harmonises contractual conditions for goods transported by road and helps facilitate goods transport overall. A global e-CMR solution would retain all these benefits, but would make the system more modern, by removing paperwork and handling costs.


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