This includes preservation of whitespace in pre elements, and paragraphs in endnotes, footnotes and comments. This includes better support for reading documents created by Word Online. This includes improved handling of grouped objects and non-breaking hyphens. Update mammoth.

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Convert files to. Why would you need to convert to the old format? To share! It is best to work with a docx file…not all of the new Word features are available in compatibility mode. However, I know from experience, it is easier to work with and share files in doc format if you are the only person using Word in your workgroup!

In Word , working with a file using the older doc file extension is called compatibility mode. This article shows you how to discover compatibility problems before you run the docx converter, and how to convert your files. Checking compatibility If your document contains Word specific formatting, such as charts or SmartArt, you may run into problems after the file is converted.

So before you convert your documents, look for compatibility issues. Fortunately, Word contains a handy tool for this! Running the Compatibility Checker Before you convert docx to doc files, take a few minutes to run the Compatibility Checker.

To launch the tool, follow these easy steps: Open the document to be converted. Click the Office button. Point to Prepare, then click Run Compatibility Checker. The tool runs a check on your current document and a report is generated that summarizes the potential problems. It can take several minutes for the tool to run, depending on the size and complexity of the document. The Compatibility Checker: The report alerts you to potential compatibility problems.

The tool does not make any changes to the document, it just lists the problems it finds. If your coworkers need to edit the converted documents, alter them until the Compatibility Checker does not find any more issues.

Note: If the document is heavily formatted, you may have to alter it significantly to get it to pass the compatibility check. If no one else needs to edit the document, you might want to leave it as is. Disabling the Compatibility Checker In the screenshot of the Compatibility Checker above , notice that the checkbox is selected for Check compatibility when saving in Word formats. When this option is selected, the tool runs every time you save the file.

If you are working on a large file and save often, this can become quite annoying and time consuming. If this is the case, deselect the option. Converting docx to doc files If your Word documents are saved in docx format but you need to share business files with coworkers not using Office , you should convert them.

Follow these steps to convert docx to doc files: Open the docx file. Click the Office button or File tab. Select Save As. From the drop-down menu, choose Word Document. Choose a filename and click Save. You can now share files in a format that is compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Word. More Word Tips:.


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Docx Format supported The service supports the advanced. Want to convert a PDF to doc instead? No problem! Just choose this option in the toolbar at the top of the page. Optical Character Recognition No matter if your PDF contains editable text or is scanned, our smart tool will handle it!


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