Originally Posted by Four Dogs. This micrkstakes is a must-read. Crushing the Microstakes provides a solid foundation for higher stakes as well but does not represent a complete guide for those games. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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If so, I imagine many of you either began, or you are a regular, at the microstakes. Well, if there is such a thing as a microstakes celebrity, Williams is top tier. In five years, Williams has amassed a small fortune playing the microstakes. So much so that he was even able to quit his job in and pursue poker full time. Granted, as a U. The biggest appeal of this new electronic book is its focus — the microstakes.

I have many poker books in my collection, including dozens of strategy manuals, but none focuses attention exclusively on small-stakes online poker, which is what so many of us are obliged to play. Furthermore, Williams is humble in regard to his place in the poker world, but confident in his specialty.

But I can tell you one thing, I have the most experience and the highest win rates, of anyone on Earth, at the micros. And I still play heavy volume to this day. That is the best reason that I can give anyone to read this book. Through smooth and natural transitions, Crushing the Microstakes will transform an inexperienced amateur into a virtual beast by imparting knowledge one step at a time.

He has constructed a well-rounded text that tells players exactly what they need to do to win. If what works happens to be the same as the advice that you got, then so be it.

This is tremendous value. With that said, if I had to recommend one book to an online-poker novice, Crushing the Microstakes would be at the top of my list. Learn more on Crushing the Microstakes by watching the following video: Williams continues to crush the microstakes day in and day out he is from Vancouver, B. To learn more on Williams, and to purchase an electronic copy of the book, visit blackrain


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Crushing the Microstakes is a comprehensive guide on how to dominate your competition at the micros. However, it differs significantly in one key way from every other poker book out there. As the author, I actually am the biggest winner ever at the stakes discussed in this book. This is why Crushing the Microstakes has now helped thousands of people turn their game around at these limits.



This happens to the best of us. Poker is not a walk in the park, even at the lowest limits. Many great players struggled for a long time to find success at the micro stakes before moving up. However, there are proven strategies for achieving big time success in these games, and which can help you move up to higher limits where you can start making real money in poker. Today I want to discuss 8 strategies that helped me along the way. Now, I know getting used to playing for small amounts of money can be tough. In particular, when the entire pot size amounts to less than the cost of a cup of coffee, it can be difficult to focus on making the best play.

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