This device supports wireless networking speeds of up to Mbps Turbo mode , while providing seamless interoperability with existing With high data transfer rates, better security and built-in bridge function, this device is the ideal wireless solution that offers an upgrade to a fast, new technology while protecting your past investments through interoperability with your current network equipment. Up to Mbps Speed on 2. In a typical working environment with multiple users accessing the network at the same time, the DWLAP can operate at 15 times the throughput of the normal

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Position your devices so that the number of walls or ceilings is minimized. Install the drivers for the wireless Cardbus adapter into a laptop computer. Type admin in the User Name field All devices on a network must share the same SSID name in order to communicate on the network. Disabled is the default setting. Page 13 Using the Configuration Utility continued Beacon Interval: Beacons are packets sent by an access point to synchronize a wireless network. Specify a beacon interval value.

Default is recommended. RTS Threshold: This value should remain at its default setting of 2, If you encounter inconsistent data flow, only minor modifications to the value range between and 2, are You will lose your current settings when you click Restore. When you click Click here to check If the device is rebooted, the logs are automatically cleared. You may save the log files under Log Setting. You are able to view the amount of packets that pass through the Ethernet and wireless portions of the network.

The traffic counter will reset if the device is rebooted. In the following window, select the best description of your computer.

Click Next. Enter a Workgroup name. All computers on your network should have the same Workgroup name. When the changes are complete, click Next. Please wait while the Network Setup Wizard configures the computer. This may take a few minutes. Page 23 Networking Basics continued In the window below, select the option that fits your needs. In this example, Create a Network Setup Disk has been selected. You will run this disk on each of the computers on your network. Insert a disk into the Floppy Disk Drive, in this case drive A.

To continue click Next. Page 25 Networking Basics continued Please read the information on this screen, then click Finish to complete the Network Setup Wizard. The new settings will take effect when you restart the computer. Click Yes to restart the computer. You have completed configuring this computer. Next, you will need to run the Network Setup Disk on all the other computers on your network.

Right-click on My Computer. Select Properties and click. Select Workgroup and enter the name of the Workgroup.

All computers on your network must have the same Workgroup name. Click OK. To check on the IP Address of the adapter, please do the following Click the Support tab. Click Close. Right-click on Local Area Connections. Double-click on Properties. Page 30 A window similar to this one will appear. Type ping xxx. All the computers on the network must have a unique IP address in the same range, e. Any computers that have identical IP addresses will not be visible on the network. The Connect to Wireless Network screen will appear.

Please make sure you have selected the correct available network, as shown in the illustrations below. Page 34 Troubleshooting continued 3. Check that the drivers for the network adapters are installed properly.

You may be using different network adapters than those illustrated here, but this procedure will remain the same, regardless of the type of network adapters you are using. Remember that D-Link AirPlus G products network together, out of the box, at the factory default settings. Data Rate For D-Link provides free technical support for customers within the United States and within Canada for the duration of the warranty period on this product.

The replacement Hardware need not be new or have an identical make, model or part. Page 41 D-Link. Products shall be fully insured by the customer. D-Link will not be held responsible for any packages that are lost in transit to D-Link. The repaired or replaced packages will be shipped to the customer via UPS Ground or any common carrier selected by D-Link, with shipping charges prepaid.

Contents are subject to change without prior notice. This manual is also suitable for:.


D-Link DWL-G700AP Manual








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