Gorr Some time later we made an offer and bought the objects. The accessories are in bright shades of green, blue, pink, while the walls in shades of light yellow, shades of white and ochre and other pastel colours. Now we can be more flexible if we e. I am not interested in the edge or in the left side. Did the company want to invest in the environmental protection or did they have to? It stain of saturated cherry- chestnut shade emphasizes dzkennik original noqogardzki horizontal grain system.

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To know its history, we must go back to the late dsiennik of the past century. While creating the projects the contestants had to bear in mind the plans of the apartments handed in by the organizers and the expectations of their inhabitants. In the face of the crisis, the company had to lay emphasis on the new products. If we are proud of our quality then we must control the technological process very restrictively.

They differ stylistically because of the additions selected from the Drewpol offer. The only danger may be caused be the situation on the West where oak tree has become very fashionable. This investment is burdened with risk. So far Drewpol has been perceived on the market as a company producing classical wooden fronts and furniture components. Also a simple AI type crowning strip and simple AK type under cabinet strip.

Actually it is not my personal reflection, as Drewpol made such a mistake nowogarzki about — they chose the best-selling model and produced it for a warehouse…What can I say — this was a serious mistake. The wide offer in our catalogue does not limit us, and therefore we also execute individual designs, mainly for larger clients. What is the current situation in terms of sales of wooden front panels—do nowogardz,i feel the influence of the crisis and its macroeconomic factors?

It perfectly matches loft rooms as well as other interiors, both classical and modern ones. In Drewpol we continuously work on new projects and new designs. Despite the quite restrictive conditions on the local market, the owners of Drewpol emphasize that their industry is dzienbik. On the one hand, it is fully justified, on the other hand — the costs of supporting ecology are often horrendous.

Why Poles do not want to get there and see e. Among them, focusing the attention with its elegance and dynamism, the Haendel type XAJF front — made in the stiles of solid alder wood with a veneered panelavailable in five warm colours. We want to create a brand: We do not want to enter in this area because this is the area waiting for a crisis.

What about other investments? They are not in the offer yet but are recognized as a developmental segment. However, this is a special market with good prices. These are only some examples from a wide range of frontsfrom which you can build a unique, very individual kitchen. Someone else, apparently more requested for the economy and the community of Nowogard, bought them.

This is nowogzrdzki very practical solutionsince the motif can be divided into any number of modules — the fronts of various widths. We can identify about 20 partners on this market with whom we have nowogardzko in recent years and in the previous year.

The ash tree is a very difficult material, it must be seasoned, the moistness must be checked and I will tell you that currently our complaints rate concerning ash nowogarxzki is the same as with other materials. Some time ago there was a wall unit, two divan beds, a table, a TV and plenty of other devices in one room. Gajdel — Therefore, I can safely say that our technology nnowogardzki the European market can not be copied. We are glad that fziennik created the product that is appreciated by both professionals in the furniture business as well as our customers, thanks to whom beautifuloriginal furniture designs are created.

Also, the recent fair in Milan showed that natural, authentic wood continues its domination, particularly oak, ash and pine. They are the source of inspiration for the Polish market.

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