Edit Stormreach was initially used as a hideout for pirates and smugglers who attacked vessels traversing the Thunder Sea to the north. From Stormreach, pirates could easily recoup, as well as trade among other pirates. The Age of Demons Edit Little is known about the Age of Demons, although modern scholars lurk great interest toward this time. The coup failed, but family Omaren was allowed to maintein its lordship, not without heavy penalties. The Basalt Towers were shattered, but some of the giants seem to have survived, and to be rebuilding their forces.

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Population: 11, Established by pirates and smugglers, it has become a vital resource for those who wish to explore or exploit the shattered land. Although the culture of Stormreach has its roots in Khorvaire, it is a free city with no allegiance to any of the Five Nations. As such, Stormreach is a haven for explorers and exiles, for adventurers and criminals, for soldiers disillusioned with their former kingdoms and those who wish to continue the war.

It is a beacon for dissidents and romantics, for fugitives on the run and those who need to escape their own memories. Far smaller than Sharn, it is a city where a few bold adventurers can make a difference—a place where the major players quickly come to know each other. The history of the city stretches back across the Age of Giants to the dawn of Eberron. Modern Stormreach is built on the ruins of past civilizations, from giant to thri-kreen and even stranger things. Some remnants of these civilizations can be seen on the surface.

Others lie hidden underground, from the sewers of the giants to entire sections of ancient cities preserved from the ravages of time. Character: Crowded with an air of faded glory. Businesses: Street stalls, cottage industries, and the House Tharashk refinery. With access to five other districts, Cross connects almost as much of the city as the Marketplace does.

For most people in Stormreach, Cross is a place you travel through on your way somewhere else, but it is also home to Brelish expatriates and a great number of Cyran refugees.

The people here are often poor, but they are also proud of their heritage. Once a small community, the ward is now bursting with refugees. It is a place of Cyran nostalgia and hope, but also a place of anger, regret, and overcrowding. When Cyre still existed, the ward began as a trading outpost established by Cyran merchants and diplomats. Then came the Last War and the Mourning. The ward is filled with the poor and the desperate.

Many have nothing, yet they do all they can to re-create their lost homeland. The community pays outrageous amounts to purchase Cyran relics, while neglecting everyday needs. Moreover, too many people live in too small a place with too much pride and too many dashed hopes. Graystone Graystone is the main corridor between the Marketplace and the Harbor district, and the ward is dominated by the House Tharashk refinery at its center.

Saltire Saltire has grown into a residential ward for people who do not identify themselves with a nationality or dragonmarked house. They own most of the street stalls in Cross and maintain an unusually quiet neighborhood for such a bustling district. They have nothing to prove, but they are sometimes provoked to protect their own when they fall afoul of gangs and militias from other parts of the city.

Slowly the tailors here are creating a style unique to the city, a style of even lighter fabrics, reinforced for sturdiness, and covering as little as is decent to keep people cool in the humidity.

The baker and owner, Sulman, hears a great deal and sees even more, giving him a side trade as an information broker. Brelish Consulate For decades, Breland has maintained a consulate in the heart of the Sloths. Its paint peeling and shutters askew, the consulate is a stately building that has seen better days.

Havulak Prospecting A few blocks from the House Tharashk refinery in Graystone, Havulak Prospecting has catered to explorers and prospectors for years. The shop stocks clothing, guidebooks, and tools, and the crotchety proprietor, a human named Havulak, has no end of opinions about the best paths through the jungle. House Tharashk Refinery A smoky, dangerous, and loud world unto itself, the House Tharashk refinery looms over Graystone.

The Rubble Warren Stone is rarely quarried in Stormreach, instead being recovered from the ruins. Stone blocks are broken up and reused in some places. Many street children play in the site, making their own tunnels in the rubble.

A few of them are dedicated to becoming explorers and adventurers and are trying to hone their skills. Character: No-nonsense and businesslike. Businesses: Mercenaries and smiths. Each time the city has been resettled in past centuries, this district has been a starting point; it has clean water, stable ground, and newer structures. These days, Forgelight is dominated by House Deneith. Even a simple club-swinger can make a tempting wage working in the city or accompanying expeditions into the jungle.

Its forges and shops buy, sell, and repair the equipment used by these mercenaries, as well as by adventurers. The laborers work hard, and the innkeeper, Brom Grimbound, will not put up with anyone pestering them in their one refuge.

House Deneith Enclave The House Deneith enclave is a hilltop keep across the river from the city proper. Only respected clients and dragonmarked heirs are granted entry to the central keep, which can seem empty. Dragon Tooth Arms Adventurers and mercenaries need weapons, and this store, the preeminent weapon shop in Forgelight, provides them.

Dragon Tooth Arms spends a great deal of coin to ensure that it has a near monopoly on the more powerful magic weapons bought and sold in the city.

The Foundry Often when people refer to the Foundry, they mean the foundry itself and the many forges that cluster on the streets around it, including the Stormreach Forge. The bulk of the goods go to the Stormreach Guard and House Deneith, but the Stormreach Forge also sells weapons to other buyers. The Foundry is close to a small dock on the river, owned by the Omaren family and heavily used by House Deneith. It allows small ships to dock and load and unload goods.

A few dockworkers land highly desired jobs unloading ore and ingots. This work is handed out by lottery every time a ship comes in. Despite being rough and ready, the inn is hospitable and, like the rest of the district, has a sober atmosphere. Veterans of the Last War come here to drink away their sorrows and commiserate with friends, and enemies, made during that conflict. The Nail therefore serves a steady stream of warforged and their friends, often adventurers who have spare coin.

Regular and masterwork arms and armor are always available, though exotic weapons are sometimes hard to get. Mercenaries often visit the temple to make offerings to Dol Dorn or Dol Arrah.

Many visitors are surprised when they see that the temple is dedicated to an unusual variation of the Host. The Harbor District Population: Humans and half-elves, who are outnumbered by visitors of other races. Character: Bustling and dangerous. Businesses: Shipping, crime, taverns, and fishing. Like every other part of Stormreach, the Harbor district is built on the bones of the past. The city ever was and ever will be a port, and time and tides have pushed the harbor farther and farther into the city, as neighborhoods have sunk or been washed away.

Without the harbor, Stormreach would be stranded and quickly die. For the visitor, the Harbor district is a cold plunge into Stormreach. Some travelers disembark and then book passage back to Khorvaire as quickly as they can. This turned out to be a backhanded compliment; traitors were buried alongside heroes, and the crypt was built too close to the water. Lack of upkeep and regular water damage make the crypt an unpleasant place to visit, and it has been raided by Emerald Claw necromancers in need of undead muscle.

Some say Nalia Dagoward has used underhanded methods to run competitors out of the district. The Emperor On the cliffs above the harbor stands a great statue, palms together and with a great beam of light rising from its outstretched hands. Hammer and Chain Across the square from the Riedran consulate, the Hammer and Chain is a capable armor and weapon shop.

Locals go to Three-Fingered Thad for cheap repairs and reclaimed goods, but the Hammer and Chain provides more upscale services, including masterwork armor and weapons. The house commands a good view of the harbor, allowing the harbormaster to keep an eye on the docks. A hangout for sailors, fishers, and thrill seekers, the Dinghy persists only because of the love its patrons have for the place, keeping it alive despite the best efforts of storm and rot to destroy it.

Sahuagin come to the Dinghy looking to be hired as guides for ships crossing the Thunder Sea, and the tavern offers dishes specifically for these sea devils. Adventurous members of other races, and the extremely drunk, sometimes give this food a try, but the raw and wriggling nature of the meals leads to very distressed stomachs.

Strangely, the lighthouse building does not contain any rooms or stairs, being made of solid stone, except for the ground floor and cellars. These chambers have been claimed by Eldamir Fallowcrest, who maintains them as his private haven and library. He is paranoid in his defense of his books, and though he allows visitors to examine them one at a time, he hovers over their shoulder. At the first sign of trouble, he locks down the library and activates traps to secure his collection.

Two priests preside over its rituals: an elf and a sahuagin. Located near the wall between the Harbor district and the Graystone ward, the Rest caters to Aereni and their companions and is run by the elf Thaera. Maeran Mendyrian is the resident Undying Court priest and defacto consul. Underharbor Sloping out beneath the waves of the harbor lie just as many ancient ruins as in the city proper. Obscured by seaweed and covered in mussels and barnacles, these ruined arches and buildings provide homes for sahuagin and other creatures of the deep.

This makes many citizens nervous and leads the dragonmarked houses and the Stormreach Guard to keep a wary eye on the harbor.

Waterworks Looming over the mouth of the Koronoo River that flows into the harbor, the Waterworks are a mix of ancient sewerage and more recent pipes, the largest of which dumps effluent into the harbor. Behind the pipes and steam vents stand sealed iron doors, which lead into the kobold-infested sewers. The giants built everything big, and the vaulted sewer system is no exception.

As one travels deeper and deeper into it, it gets older and, eventually, ties into the buried buildings of the old city. The deepest tunnels are home to things more dangerous, and more disturbing, than kobolds. The Wave crest is, unusually for the area, a drinking hole of good repute and some class, despite being a little rough around the edges.

The inn hosts a popular arm wrestling tournament each week. The Wavecrest was built atop caves beneath the current waterline, and someone listening at the floorboards can hear the water surging beneath.

Wayward Lobster On the south side of the Koronoo River, not far from the Waterworks, the Wayward Lobster is a carousing place for those who fancy themselves scoundrels. Under the influence of gin, they devise elaborate schemes, only to forget them the next morning.


Stormreach Compact

Stormreach is a giant-scaled city, recently settled by humans. Adventures and quests are available beyond the city walls , across the continent. This meant considerable changes in the handling of combat and character skills; differences include increased hit possibilities in a round , increased spell casting resources over rest periods, and the use of a spell point system instead of spell slots. The character is helped by a band of citizens Jeets, Cellimas, and Talbron who want to end the rule of the Sahuagin on Korthos Island. The White dragon Aussircaex is being controlled by a Mindflayer Creature through the use of a Mindsunder Artifact, and is plaguing the island. After achieving success in Korthos Island, the player is sent to Stormreach. The reopening of the gate to Xoriat.



Population: 11, Established by pirates and smugglers, it has become a vital resource for those who wish to explore or exploit the shattered land. Although the culture of Stormreach has its roots in Khorvaire, it is a free city with no allegiance to any of the Five Nations. As such, Stormreach is a haven for explorers and exiles, for adventurers and criminals, for soldiers disillusioned with their former kingdoms and those who wish to continue the war.


City of Stormreach (book)

Places Jump to: navigation , search Please help improve this page. You can help by editing this page. Stormreach is the largest populated frontier city of the continent. It is a former pirate city, built upon the ruins of an ancient civilization of giants. Stormreach is the adopted home to a variety of people and places. Often you will find yourself in a Dungeon , where you can gain experience points which will help you to build and advance your character. Shops, general vendors and pawn shops are all areas that you can sell your loot that you gain from from quests.


Storm Lords


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