Mazujora Not sure about this series. Mircea is HOT and what he says and does to Cassie practically scorches the pages. It would have flowed better. A recipe that most fantasy lovers would drool over. Unfortunately, there are at least 3 other groups out to kill her.

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When I first started, Cassie really felt like old-Anita to me. She seemed head-strong, independent, always running from trouble, and obviously there was something special about her. I also really enjoyed her ghost friends and her abilities, I thought they were refreshing and very interesting, but unfortunately underused.

Plus, this is yet another thing that Laurell K. Hamilton overuses as well. He also reminds me of Richard with his ignorance and preaching, especially about how vampires are monsters, while he himself uses magic to maim and kill. Pritkin seems to be just like him with his hypocrisy and temper tantrums. In the beginning, Tomas reminded me of Nathaniel with the obvious comparison of being a lost boy living on the street selling his body.

Aside from the carbon copy characters, the other thing that I was disappointed with was the use of historical figures. Chance seems to think that telling us what happened and bombarding us with information is better than letting the events play out naturally. I really wanted more dialogue though, because she does do a good job with it. Another big thing that I hate that LKH does in both her series, is explaining something to the reader, and then a few pages later explaining the same thing to a character.

Just skip the explanation for the reader, we can learn things along with the characters just fine. I have to say, as something positive, I was excited when I got to the first really sexy scene. Mircea is HOT and what he says and does to Cassie practically scorches the pages.

But Cassie. Oh Cassie. She should just shut her mouth. Her need for answers and her horrible timing really pissed me off. I swear this book must hold the record for the longest foreplay ever, and at the end I was shaking my fist at Raphael, enraged. The time travel aspect kind of made me mad too, for its faulty logic. As a hypothetical example, say you accidentally hit someone with your car and kill them. You have the ability to go back in time so you go back a few hours and maybe hide your car keys on yourself so you leave later and miss the accident.

I know there are other theories out there but this is the one that I believe. Chance sort of gets around this paradox in a way, but she does it sloppily. Most of all, I think Chance just tried to cram too many things into a first book. I never felt confused though and I was never lost, but she could have spread a couple of the storylines over a few books to really flesh things out.

The info-dumps were poorly done and most of the characters were flat and unoriginal. I do like Cassie though, and I thought it was odd that a lot of people that had the same problems as me found her to be annoying. I like her in the way I used to like Anita. He really saved the novel for me and he makes me glad I bought the whole series.


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