The Elcometer dew point meter can be used as a hand-held gauge or a stand alone data logger — ideal for monitoring climatic conditions over a period of time. With its multi-lingual, large and easy to use illuminated display, users can record climatic parameters and store 25, records in up to batches. There is no need to sift through tables or measure using a dew point calculator. Take advantage of the USB and Bluetooth data output technology, and see how much on-the-job efficiency increases. Integrated magnets allow remote data monitoring on steel substrates Store 25, records in up to batches USB and Bluetooth data output to a PC or PDA Dustproof and waterproof gauge with fully sealed sensors equivalent to IP66 Visual and audible indication of user defined limits against any or all parameters Easy to use, intuitive multi-lingual menu structure A hand-held Dewpoint meter with manual and interval data logging in one gauge Large, customer definable illuminated display operates over the full temperature range Measure and record climatic parameters: Relative humidity.

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The condition of the batteries is indicated by a battery status symbol [ ] displayed on the measurement screens. The more segments displayed, the better the condition of the battery.

When the battery is low, the symbol starts blinking to indicate that the batteries have to be changed. Page 9 3. The light illuminates the surface being measured and switches off automatically after approximately 40 seconds. Page 10 3. If you want to log results, refer to page 10 and page Each time a measurement is taken, the readings are written into the Measure batch selected.

Log interval 1. Page 13 2. Scroll to the batch you want to use and then press OK. Page 14 value remains stable the trend indicator [ ] between the parameter and the reading indicates if the value is increasing [ ] or decreasing [ 5.

If you want to freeze the measurements on the display, scroll to Hold and then press OK. Each time a measurement is taken, the readings are written Measure into the batch selected. The Dock has magnetic feet which will hold the Scroll to Log and then press OK.

The measurement screen is displayed. This allows Page 19 7. Place the CD in your PC. The software installation wizard should run automatically. Each interval time 10s, 1m, 2m, etc. Page 21 8. Page 22 8. Scroll to the required unit and then press OK. Page Maintenance Elcometer supplier. Your gauge does not contain any user-serviceable components. In the unlikely event of a fault, the gauge should be returned to your Elcometer supplier or directly to Elcometer.

Contact details can be found on the outside cover of these operating instructions and at


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Dew Point Meter 319


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