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But what is an executive order EO and is it different than a law? How often do executive orders happen? And if an executive order is available to Presidents, why was there so much controversy when EO was signed? What was executive order all about?

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But what is an executive order EO and is it different than a law? How often do executive orders happen? And if an executive order is available to Presidents, why was there so much controversy when EO was signed? What was executive order all about? An executive order is issued directly by the President and becomes law without the need for approval of Congress. But executive orders are a way for a President to give their will force of law, without prior approval from Congress.

Rest assured though, our entire system is designed with checks and balances because no ONE person should be able to do whatever they want as the leader of a country, at least not in the U.

It could definitely lead to chaos and disaster. This is why the signing of EO by Obama had so many people worried. While an executive order does not need the green flag from both Congressional bodies in advance, it can be struck down by Federal courts and Congress, but only if it is found to be beyond the scope of presidential authority. This is mainly because our founders recognized there would be decisions the President would need to make quickly to carry out his duties, such as in times of war or emergency but they wanted to maintain the checks and balances.

Presidential scope of authority includes: those powers specifically granted under the Constitution Constitutional powers , powers granted by Congress Delegated powers , and the powers he has as chief executive Inherent powers. And, you guessed it, executive orders fall under the inherent powers category. Why was there so much controversy over it? This means the President can use an executive order to choose which parts of a law to enforce. This made a lot of people, including most preppers regardless of political affiliation, terrified about how and when the President might decide to enforce control over essential resources like food, water, energy, etc.

Initially, executive orders were few in number, less than nine were issued annually. The number of EOs issues per year nearly tripled under Abraham Lincoln while the Civil War raged, but was still just over 10 orders issued per year.

Franklin D. The next six presidents issued just over 60 executive orders per year, a number that rose to just over 75 per year under John F. Okay, now we have a basis for what an executive order is, and can see that they actually have been issued quite frequently by just about every president in U.

So, why exactly are people on either of the political divide, especially those in the prepping world, up in arms? Below are claims and fears from each side and a look at how EO came into being and just why it is so terrifying to so many people. It gives unprecedented powers to the President, such as declaring martial law, rationing and confiscation of food, gas, water and other resources, peacetime conscription, American industry nationalization, and even involuntary seizure of private property.

This legislation is what allowed Truman to carry out his duties and basically force manufacturers to fulfill defense contracts during the war. So, the real truth about executive order is that it could have likely resulted in a President who chose to enforce law by confiscating materials and resources from not only companies but private citizens. The language of the EO leaves it open to interpretation as to whether or not private citizens could subjected to confiscation procedures.

As the language stands now, it could be up to the President to determine the extent of enforcement. While Republicans may be able to relax now that Obama is out and Trump is in office, we need to more clearly define some parts of EO to safeguard for the future. Trump could write a new executive order, amending parts of EO and making it more clear that private citizens would not be subject to confiscation of resources.

What did you think of EO ? What changes, if any, do you think should be made? Let us know in the comments below.


2012 Executive Orders Signed by Barack Obama

Dairr Section of the act specifies, in part, how far the government can go in terms of making you their slave. Terms and conditions of loans under this authority shall be determined in consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Director of OMB. The head of an agency may activate an NDER unit, in whole or in part, upon the written determination of the Secretary of Homeland Security that an emergency affecting the national defense exists and that the activation of the unit is necessary to carry out the emergency program functions of the agency. Such rules may be adopted by other agencies to fulfill the rulemaking requirement of section e of the Act, 50 U. This is VERY important you read. The Director of National Intelligence.


Executive Order 13603 – How Dangerous Is It?


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