Edit The Abyssals have five castes , which correspond to the castes of the Solar Exalted. While the Solar castes represent the path of the sun through the sky, Abyssal castes represent an inversion of this process. Dusk : The Dusk caste are the generals and warriors of the Abyssal Exalted. They can channel Essence into their anima to appear more terrifying. Midnight : The Midnight caste are the priests and leaders of the Abyssal Exalted.

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Or a great battle wherein the required number are dying within that range. They must all be slain in the same round. For each success they are able to absorb 1 of the deaths. Each death causes them to gain a mote of essence even over and above their normal maximum.

The Charm persists until the characters peripheral Essence pool, is spent down below its normal max. The characters peripheral Essence Pool does not regenerate until the Charm ends and nor can any charm increases the characters Essence total unless it explicitly says so.

If this requirement is meet, when the charm is invoked, the Exalted rolls essence, each success adds a mote of essence to their pool. When the track reaches a number equal to the current peripheral essence pool of the Death Knight, it is erased back to 0 and the Death Knight gains 1 mote of peripheral essence, even if they are above their current normal max.

They simply need choose their target who must be within essence x 20 yards and enact this charm and they Deathknight is considered to have eaten a full measure of food for that day, while the mortal is less that amount if nutrition and deathly hungry right away. Repeated use of this charm can easily kill a mortal. This penalty continues to accumulate in the same number of days each time. The must pay the entire cost of this charm up front.

One enacted they loose all consciousness of the world around them. Only direct damage or the charms duration ending will awaken them.

While in stasis they appear completely dead, and need not eat, drink or breath. They do not even age while under the effects of this charm. Though physical examination can find it and a heartbeat. Once enacted this charm functions for one day for every 5 motes spent to activate it beyond the first In this state the character is treated as a Hungry Ghost, but they retain their own essence score and essence pools, and any and all other stats that are superior to those of a Hungry Ghost, they are literally an exalted ghost.


Abyssal Exalted

Unlike its Solar Mirror, all listeners subjected to this Charm understand that a supernaturally terrifying orator addresses them. The maximum number of Willpower points required to resist this Charm for a scene, however, is four rather than three. Why prolong the inevitable? For the rest of the scene, everyone with a Dodge MDV lower than the successes rolled suffers an unnatural compulsion to remain whenever they attempt to leave or avoid any combat, mass combat or social combat in which the deathknight visibly participates. Falling back to make ranged attacks is not retreating. Resisting this compulsion for the rest of the scene costs three Willpower. Area, Continuing: The Abyssal inflicts one level of lethal damage per two motes spent each action, to a maximum of Essence damage.


Exalted - Abyssal Charms (Netbook)

Solar Exalted were created by the Unconquered Sun, King of the Gods, to lead the other Exalted, and to rule the world. Most of their low-level powers are normal human abilities turned up to 11, like simply being impossibly good at sneaking, or fighting, or persuasion. A mortal can survive, at least for a little while, in a hostile environment, like a raging snowstorm. A Solar with the right Charms can survive being at the bottom of the ocean, or inside an erupting volcano. A mortal can use a sword to parry a sword-strike.



This material is not official and is not endorsed by White Wolf Publishing. The Abyssal exaltations are created from Solar Exaltations stolen by the Deathlords and tainted with the essence of the void , and fused with dying mortals. Continuing an existence frozen on the brink of death, the Abyssals must feed on blood or raw flesh to recover their strength in the land of the living. As part of the transformation from dying mortal to Chosen of the Neverborn, each Abyssal must cast their names into the void , deep within the heart of the Labyrinth , and give up all names except obvious aliases. Instead, Abyssal Exalts use baroque titles to identify themselves.

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