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Bare-Bones Meaning: Simplest, stripped-down Example: One way to be able to afford a car is to buy a bare-bones model-options like heated seats add a lot to the price. Be a Bundle of Nerves Meaning: Be extremely nervous Example: I was a bundle of nerves before my exam, but I calmed down once we got the questions and started to work.

But it never seems to be good enough. Birthday Suit Example: There I was, in my birthday suit, when the doorbell rang. He and I have had some disagreements, but blood is thicker than water. Brain Drain Meaning: Departure of talented, well-educated individuals from a place Example: Venezuela is experiencing a brain drain right now, with many professionals leaving for other countries because of bad conditions at home.

The district manager will begin worrying about other offices. How could you do that? Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Something Meaning: To have a strong passion for something; to think about it constantly Example: Joe eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. Elbow Grease Meaning: Hard physical effort Example: Painting your house takes some elbow grease — You have to scrape the old paint off first.

Body Idioms F Useful body idioms that start with F. What happened? Note: This is rather old-fashioned, but still used and understood.

Body Idioms G Useful body idioms that start with G. All I do is sit and watch television. Body Idioms H Useful body idioms that start with H. Note: This is crude. Note: This expression is American. Body Idioms J Useful body idioms that start with J. Joined at the hip Meaning: To be exceptionally close to someone Example: Amy and her boss were joined at the hip; you never saw one without the other.

Knee-Jerk Reaction Meaning: An immediate strong reaction to something; a reaction without consideration or thought Example: When I talk about going out with guys, my dad has a knee-jerk negative reaction. Body Idioms N Useful body idioms that start with N. Body Idioms O Useful body idioms that start with O. On the Nod Meaning: Without a formal vote Example: The president wants us to make the decision on the nod, but I think we should vote on it.

On the Rag Example: Gina is very cranky today. Note: This has a rude, insulting flavor. Be on your toes. Body Idioms P Useful body idioms that start with P. Often used as a metaphor. Example: The girl I went out with last night is a virgin! Rub Elbows with Meaning: Mingle with; meet in a group; socialize with Example: Come to the party with me. Which do you prefer? Note: This is old and rather rare. Smell Blood in the Water Meaning: Sense weakness or vulnerability; be ready to attack Example: The opposition party smelled blood after the president was hit with corruption charges.

Body Idioms T Useful body idioms that start with T. Note: This is slightly crude. Note: Walk the line is an American variant. Vertically Challenged Meaning: A short person. Example: I may be vertically challenged, but watch out for me on the basketball court — I can jump!

Note: This has a humorous flavor. Body Idioms W Useful body idioms that start with W. Week at the knees Meaning: To feel emotion so strongly that it makes you feel unstable on your feet. Example: The thought of kissing him made me go weak at the knees. I have to go home and zonk out. Note: This is rare. Having prominent eyes.

List of ear idioms with meaning. The Story Has Legs: People are continuing to pay attention to the story. This is used for a stage performer-or for anyone else who is about to give some kind of a performance, such as an important speech A Leg Up: An advantage, a boost Body Idioms: Idioms with Teeth List of teeth idioms with meaning.

Go ahead, be jealous. Hands are Tied: You are prevented from doing something.


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