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FACOM is a brand with a centennial history of excellence in many fields, such as aerospace , automotive tools , electronics , plumbing and many more. FACOM is the largest global tooling manufacturer.

All over the world, professionals search for FACOM products because they know that they are buying tools that will remain in their assortment for a long time.

Excellence, innovation and quality are the fundamental values of a company that in has celebrated years of activity and it is now considered as an undisputed leader in the sector of tooling. You are in the right place.

You will find many articles written by professional experts that teach you how to recognize high quality tools and how to choose the right tool depending on your professional needs.

Join our community and subscribe to our channel! There is also a special playlist dedicated to FACOM tools where you can discover many videos and learn the key characteristics that make FACOM best selling products unique tools on the market. Their activity that began in the s and it has grown significantly thanks to the great innovationos of the 20th Century.

From the evolutions in the world of transport automobiles, railways and aeronautics , the brand has expanded and has imprinted its seal on the largest construction sites of the century. Since its founding in Paris in , FACOM has always been a pioneer in its field and it is now widely known for its products. In the s, as the automobiles sector started to grow, FACOM signed its first contracts in the automobile field with Renault and Peugeot. The first catalogue dates back to , and, in the middle of the decade, FACOM began to introduce the first Stillson-type box spanner on the French market.

Another sector in which FACOM established itself is the aeronautics sector, in particular through its constant relationship with Air France, which was founded in By the s, the catalogue had grown dramatically and counted over references: this fact lead to a great growth of FACOM hand tools. Among the most important innovations of the postwar period are the first pullers, ratchets, and the first adjustable spanners with automatic clearance compensation.

At the beginning of the s, the company increased the production from 50, pieces per month, produced at the beginning of the s, to , pieces per day in Moreover, FACOM it is a multi-specialist company operating in very different markets: mechanics, electricity, electrical engineering, aeronautics, automotive, just to name a few. The nineteenth edition of the FACOM catalogue has more than a thousand pages and about 10, reference codes, a real "Bible of tools".

The FACOM range is divided in three main sections: general tooling, specialist tooling, workstations and tool storage. As an example of what you can find in the toolboxes section, we would like to illustrate the main features of FACOM ThoughSystem toolboxes. This storage solution is unique as it is made of different modular and adaptable boxes, allowing you to choose the system that best suits your professional needs.

We all know that it is important to keep our equipment safely stored to prevent damage during transportation. At the same time, we also want to have our tools conveniently organized, so that we can always find what we need quickly, increasing our work efficiency. The range includes tool boxes with cups and inner lid organizers, tool boxes with trays, totes, trolleys and much more.

The movable jaw has the possibility to put a stop in the position of maximum opening, and the key has the possibility of pre-adjusting the opening of the beaks thanks to its millimeter graduation. FACOM metric combination wrenches are also included in our special offer!

This standard wrench is suitable for many applications thanks to its high mechanical strength. Both the open end and the ring end are angled at 15 degrees, improving accessibility during your tightening and loosening operations.





Facom 711A - Multimeter



User manuals


IEC 60044-6 PDF

User manuals


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