Fast Times was one of the first instances we saw "the surfer-stoner" character ever portrayed on the big screen thanks, Sean Penn! To celebrate, here are some of our favorite lines from the movie, which was also written by Cameron Crowe. Hand: Mr. Stacy Hamilton: I want a relationship. I want romance. Linda Barrett: In Ridgemont?

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Rat, is Dolly Parton giving you a percentage of the profit? What can I do for you, gentlemen? You the guy with the Van Halen tickets? That could be. How much for something in the first ten rows? All the other scalpers are sold out. Did you call me a scalper? Listen, gentlemen, I perform a service here, and the service costs money. All right. Thank you. Just made bucks, Rat. You look depressed.

I hate working the theater. Go for it. Just take his order, look him in the eye. If he says anything remotely funny, laugh like you never heard anything so funny. And smile! So, you working hard or hardly working? You look like you could still be in high school. I know. Everybody says that. Do you think we could still be friends? So what can I get you? Get outta here, Bradley. I shall serve no fries before their time.

Uno dinero. Buck Man? I got uno "nickelette. You guys had shirts on when you came in here. Come on, Spicoli, just put the shirts back on. You see that sign? No shoes. No dice. Learn it. Know it. Live it. Linda, did I show you this? He gave me his card. Guys love that sort of thing. Stacy, what are you waiting for? I did it when I was. Welcome to Ridgemont.

Will it look okay? Well, she was an American girl Raised on promises - Do you know where U. History is? Somewhere else She was an American girl Hi, Bradley. Grown up.

Another year joined at the lips. Six more payments, gentlemen, and this beautiful See that car? Some alumni gave Jefferson that car We go way back, you know. Car looks great. I mean really terrific. Sure, man. I really hate Bronco Burger. Ever since they started with the chicken nuggets, everything went downhill. You have to fry all their greasy food, and you have to polish things. I was just wondering Arnold, do you want to work at All-American Burger?

Yeah, well, um I can probably get you in. Just let me talk to Dennis Taylor. Did you hear the bell ring? My name is Mr. I have but one question for you. Can you attend my class? It is for your own good. We have a -question quiz every Friday. Your grade is the average of all your quizzes, plus the midterm and final which counts for one-third. Got it? There will be no eating. No eating in this class! You get used to doing your own business on your own time.

History on your time, understand? May I come in? Oh, please! I get so lonely when I hear that third attendance bell ring I know that dude! No problem at all. I think you know where the front office is.

You dick! I have taken the time to print up a complete schedule Please pass them to the desk behind you. Back, back, back. Did you hear about this surfer guy who pulled a knife on Mr. Hand this morning? Oh, no! He just called him a dick. A dick? Oh, God. People exaggerate so much here. Linda, that girl looks just like Pat Benatar. There are three girls at Ridgemont Chanel Semlar, Mary Ann Zlotnick in the red tights.

Do you think guys find that more attractive? Stacy, please, give me a break! You are so much prettier! What do you mean?


Fast Times at Ridgemont High



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Dude! 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' Turns 35: Best Quotes


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