Structure[ edit ] Vertical section through the articulations at the wrist , showing the synovial cavities. Articular disc labeled at center right. It has a triangular shape and a biconcave body; the periphery is thicker than its center. The central portion of the TFC is thin and consists of chondroid fibrocartilage; this type of tissue is often seen in structures that can bear compressive loads. This central area is often so thin that it is translucent and in some cases it is even absent. This discus is attached by thick tissue to the base of the ulnar styloid and by thinner tissue to the edge of the radius just proximal to the radiocarpal articular surface.

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Palmer y Col. The TFCC is the point that allows the carpus to rotate with the radius around the ulnar, which acts as the center of forearm rotation. The TFCC is subjected to axial loads and shear forces and functions as a unit, rather than as separate ligaments, and sha res a similarity of its blood supply with the meniscus of the knee.

Palmer et al. Recent histology and functional anatomy research demonstrate which structure of the Complex are essential to the stabilization of the distal radioulnar joint. The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the diagnosis and our arthroscopic management of the Type IB Palmer stable and uns table lesion with foveal disruptions. Por otro lado, el C. Tradicionalmente, el tratamiento establecido para este tipo de lesiones eran las reparaciones a cielo abierto 9. Vista Sagital y Axial del C.

Hand Surg. Am ; 16 6 Thiru y col. Caloia M. Tenis, golf, polo producen una sobrecarga del borde cubital del C. I y del Ligamento Triangular. Recientemente, trabajos de Moritomo H. Palmer AK. Triangular Fibro-cartilage complex lesion: A classification. El valor de la R. Si bien la artro-R.

Zaindenberg C. No autorizamos esfuerzos hasta los 3meses en lesiones estables y 6 meses en lesionesinestables. T no tratadas, autorescomo Lindau T. Arthroscopy of the wrist and finger joints. Clinic North Am ; Arthroscopy ; Triangular fibrocartilage tears. JHS, , 19A Fulcher SM, Phoeling GG The role of operative arthroscopy for diagnosis and treatment of lesion about the distal ulna.

Hand Clinics, , Seenwald G. Diagnostic arthroscopy: indications and interpretation of findings. Sur Br. Instr Course Lecture ; Nagle DJ. Pain on ulnar side of the wrist. Hand Clinics ; Open Repair op the ulnar disruption of the triangular fibrcartilage complex with double three-dimensional suturing technique. Tech Hand up Extrem Surg. Arthroscopy, 5 Arthroscopy 1 New Tuohy needle technique for triangular fibrocartilage complex repair: Preliminary Studies.

Arthroscopy ; 12 6 Triangular Fibrocartilage complex lesion: A classification. JHS am ; Arterial anatomy of the triangular fibrocartilage of the wrist and its surgical significance J.

S am, ; 11A The microvasculature of the triangular fibrocartilage complex: Its clinical significance. J Hand. Histologic anatomy of the triangular fibrocartilage. Plast Reconstr Surg ; 1 Adam BD. Distal radioulnar joint instability.

Origins and insertions of the triangular fibrocartilage complex: A histological Study. Hand Surg Br. Nakamura T, Yabe Y. Histological anatomy of the triangular fibrocartilage complex of the human wrist. Ann Anat , 6 Biomechanical comparison of transosseous and capsular repair peripheral triangular fibrocartilage tears.

Arthroscopy ; 19 4 Hand Surg ; 25 A: S am Surg Br ; 30 B: Osterman AL: Wrist Arthroscopy: operative procedures. Magnetic Resonance imaging of the fibrocartilage complex.

Haims A H, Schweitzer M. Mano Vol 32, Num 65, Octubre New York: Raven Press, ; Orthopaedics ; Badia A, Jimenez A. Hand Surg am ; All-inside suture technique for Palmer class 1B triangular fibrocartilage repair. Riv Chir Mano, ; Alvin Chao-Yu Chen, M. Dry arthroscopy of the wrist: surgical technique. Management of Chronic peripheral tears of triangular fibrocartilage complex.

Surg am.


Rotura del fibrocartĂ­lago triangular (FCT)



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