Cfare ben fmn-ja? FMN ne lidhje me shqiperin. Nje histori vjecare bashkepunimi, e cila pervec ndihmave te konsiderueshme monetare, i ka siguruar Shqiperise edhe nje besueshmeri te larte tek autoritetet e larta financiare boterore. Keshtu e ka vleresuar Banka e Shqiperise, gjate nje analize te posacme, marredhenien e vendit tone me Fondin Monetar Nderkombetar.

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Vujas Using it you can search the videos also and can play them too before downloading. Nderkohe trafiku ne Kosove eshte rritur ne 50 mije makina ne dite, atje nuk ka asnje iluzion rreth mundesive te financimit. Read our top ten blogs for on topics from housing prices and crypto-assets to debt and Brexit. This indeed is really good news. Qeveria e Kosoves i ka kerkuar Serbise qe te vendosi projektin e Rruges Durres-Prishtine-Nish ne listen e projekteve per financim nga nderkombetaret, por Beogradi e ka injoruar kerkesen.

That would be a huge help for Kosove, being relatively small in size 2 bil could go a long way in infrastructure aspects. DrollMotion is a fast Dailymotion video downloader service. Kosova eshte nje territor ndermjet Durresit dhe Nishit, ndaj dhe zhvillimi ekonomik i saj eshte i varur shume nga lidhje transporti te shpejta. Fondi Monetar Nderkombetar -F. Within five years you will see a drastically improved trade balance. Pavaresisht politikes se renduar ndermjet Beogradit dhe Prishtines per ceshtjen e pavaresise se Kosoves, biznesit kosovar i intereson nje lidhje e nderkombstar transporti me Serbine.

Autostrada Durres-Prishtine, presktiva e bashkepunimit ekonomik. Find More Posts by jumpuponit. Originally Posted by Scanderbeg This indeed is really good news. Simply because kosovo gets all of its oil and oil derivatives from us this is huge moneyand there is no way you can support yourselves on oil since you have no oil reserves or a pipeline, and your oil consumption will continue to grow as your economy does hopefully.

On the other hand, representative of the Swiss Office, Senior Vendt, said Switzerland has supported the horticulture sector in Kosovo sincethroughout the Swiss project for promotion of horticulture.

I think this is a good beginning for kosovo, to get stronger trading ties with Macedonia, and we can both profit a lot from this. Page 11 of Minister Nderkombetat said financial capacities of the Government were limited to support the agriculture, although there were some activities to aid the agriculture, such as removal of VAT for agricultural products.

Rreth 15 per qind te totalit te importeve te Kosoves jane nga Serbia, ndersa eksportet e Kosoves ne Serbi jane 16 per qind, sipas te dhenave te vititpor perfitimet nga linjat e transportit te Kosoves per Serbine do te jene afatgjata, nderiombetar shkak se, aktualisht nevojat per tregti mallrash behen nga Porti i Selanikut e Greqise, i cili eshte kilometer hderkombetar larg nga Beogradi se sa nga Porti i Durresit.

The Macedonian government announced it will be requiring the import of coal for our Thermo-Capacities for the production of Electricity. Thing will come to their place soon, but for now, kosovo nderiombetar rely heavily on imports. Otherwise, Switzerland since has invested more than 8 million Swiss franks in the horticulture sector of Kosovo.

Challenges for Obstfeld, Gopinath share their thoughts. Nicky Jam x J. I do not understand it either. This is a good chance to even things out! So enjoy downloading videos from Dailymotion using DrollMotion and showcase, watch and listen nddrkombetar the ocean of never ending digital video download stream. Ghana has laid out a bold vision of moving beyond aid. Investimi i fundit eshte nje shak i mire per te lidhur Kosoven me Korridorin 8.

Ministri Serb i investimeve, i cili ka ne pergjegjesi edhe transportin, nuk ka bere komente per kete plan. So you will never any downloading speed issue. Sipas Henry Perritt, nje profesor i juristprudences ne ka bere nje studim mbi ekonomine kosovare, duke thene se arsyet e refuzimit te Serbise per kete nderkombeyar jane politike.

As global warming continues to increase sea-water temperatures, the Caribbean is becoming more vulnerable to frequent and damaging natural disasters. Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Im actually amazed at the Kosovars maturity shown throughtout the recent years! This transformation, says IMF chief Christine Lagarde, can be achieved by addressing immediate challenges and planting the seeds of more durable and more widely shared prosperity.

Originally Posted by ProMKD skanderbeg The way i see things, trade will increase, and even double in the next five years between Macedonia and Kosovo, however i only see the gap widening for you guys! Pervec probleme politike qe ka ky projekt, pritet qe te kete nje trafik te ulet levizje. TOP Related Posts.


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Fondi Monetar Ndërkombëtar jep alarmin:Shqipëria rrezikohet nga koncensionet





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