It was released in both floppy disk and CD-ROM versions, the latter having full voiceover speech for all characters. It contains information necessary for solving prescription puzzles. An incorrect prescription will result in the customer returning angrily, but does not end the game. Freddy was once a gunslinger , but sought a new career after his last gunfight, in which "Kenny the Kid" a reference to the infamous outlaw Billy the Kid shot off one of his ears. Throughout the town, businesses are either being bought or proprietors are being scared out of town.

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Should Aminophyllic Citrate be unavailable, it may be created in the home laboratory: Combine 40 Grams Sodium Bicarbonate with 15 ml Furachlordone. Pour into beaker. Dilute with water to make ml. Add 5 grams Magnesium Sulfate, stir the mixture well using only a pure glass rod.

Pour into medicine bottle and cork. Mix with water. Not recommended for synthesis at home. When infused with water, often called "Spirits of Hartyshorn". Soluble ammonia is a decent disinfectant Does not actually provide any medication as analgesics work on the brain and not on localized sites. However by creating a stinging or burning discomfort on the skin, it effectively distracts from the ache or pain for which the rub is used.

Often fools senior citizens and adults; unfortunately children cannot be deceived quite as easily. A jocular item to keep around the locker room. Whisky and other high-proof alcoholic beverages will serve; ether, chloroform and a sharp blow to the head will also suffice. Biting down on bullets is only recommended provided the bullet is facing outward from the head and away from innocent bystanders.

Most appear to be combinations of Sodium Bicarbonate and Calcium Carbonate. Extract of Swiss Lemon Creme is useful to make these more palatable. So far, the basic usage seems to be for keeping cut flowers from wilting, but new experimental uses are being explored all the time. BALM An ointment or liniment, rubbed on external sites to provide temporary symptomatic relief of aches, pains, bruises and other localized pain. Oil of Belladonna and Nightshade Jelly are two particularly effective balms; however, it is inadvisable to take them internally.

Hard-to-find but well worth a trip to the Joliet Bimenthylquinnoline Mines to pick up some freshly hewn granules.

Best when taken with vast quantities of water. Storage may be a problem due to short shelf life. May be synthesized as follows: Combine 25 ml of Bismuth Subsalicylate with 5 ml of Orphenamethihydride in a test tube. Heat over flame until mixture begins to boil. Remove from flame and dilute with one thousand gallons of water approximately. Makes enough Bisalicylate Antitoxidene for four thousand doses.

Some believe it to be efficacious in a variety of digestive aids. BLEACH A catchall name for any of a variety of chemicals which can leech color, but often referring specifically to Sodium Hypochlorite, an oxidizing compound. Sodium Hypochlorite can also be used as a decontamination agent for various types of gases. Apply to liver spots thrice daily; will not eradicate liver spots but will certainly irritate them into forming scabs, thus disguising them.

A white crystalline compound used as an antiseptic, as a food preservative, for various medical purposes and as a flux. Found native as "tincal" and with a sweet, alkaline taste.

Found in volcanic lagoons of Tuscany, Italy. Currently used mainly as a flavoring agent in coffee, chocolate, and the new carbonated beverages. But believed by many modern-day physicians to soothe agitated nerves and calm excitable children.

Experimentation is currently underway to confirm this. Useful for a variety of skin ailments. Comforting to victim, only because it brings to mind when grandma used to take you for long walks in the poison ivy and then had to slather you with the stuff afterwards.

Can be synthesized in the home thusly: Take one 5-inch length of schoolhouse chalk. Grind in a mortar until a fine powdery consistency is achieved. Use 1 gm powder per dosage as recommended. In pill-based medications, imparts a malleable texture allowing you to mold the pills into the dinosaur shapes children love to eat except for Betty!

Despite the mess and inconvenience, carbon makes a serviceable deodorant, and can even be used to filter some gaseous fumes, such as methane, from air to make it breathable. Cheap and readily available. Also used as a sedative with humans and animals. May create nausea upon consumption; fortunately, the narcotic effect ensures that the patient does not care about the nausea. Used to achieve a pleasant color in many preparations.

Can also be added to non-medicated drinks to produce bizarre and amusing effects. Breaks the ice at parties. Preparations that claim to do both are useless and cancel each other out. Can be synthesized at home as follows: to 20 ml Mercuriomuculate Dioxide, add 15 gm Essence of Butyrachrome.

Heat slowly until dissolved. Dosage: 1 tsp per hour as needed. Beer appears to be extremely efficacious. The saying goes, "You cant buy a diuretic Use caution when applying; remember the rule of thumb: never place anything larger than your elbow in your ear. May contain herbal or synthetic chemicals, or a combination of those. Thus, they may be more effective in creating flames than in battling illness.

Normally available only by prescription. May be produced in the home as follows: Grind 15 gm of Bimethylquinoline crystals and 15 gm of powdered Metyraphosphate in a mortar. Prepare 5 gm dosages on pure sheets of medicinal dispensing paper. Recommended maximum dosage: 1 box of six. Also a convenient fluid in which to dissolve many compounds, having a higher solvency factor than plain, boring old water.

Eye drops may be useful to flush foreign objects from the surface of the eyeball, or to moisten dry eyes. To prevent dry eyes, try not to rub your eyes with a rough, absorbent towel. Should any organs or limbs need to be preserved for any reason, plunge immediately into a jar of formaldehyde once the vital fluids have been drained.

Also useful as a topical remedy for poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, poison honeysuckle, and poison lily-of-the- valley. Causes instant and severe vomiting, useful in the event of accidental poisoning. Also tremendous fun when secretly added to the chocolate syrup dispensers of competing pharmacies.

Psyllium husk is a good natural laxative; many fiber-rich foods also have a natural laxative effect. Standard dosage: three leeches at a time, left for one hour. To draw blood from localized injuries, place the leeches on the bruised or contused sites.

Most topical remedies may be made into a lotion by suspending in a lanolin Solution. Not useful per se as a medication or component, but definitely helpful when your epsoms taste a little too bland. A strength-building compound useful as an adjunct in male hormone treatments. In just seven days, it can make you a man! No medical value whatsoever. And it tastes good, too! Really really nasty stuff. Unfortunately, most nose drops result in "Rebound Effect" wherein once the effects of the drops have worn off, the membranes re-engorge, often to an even greater extent.

Disgusting but profitable for the pharmacist! Also a handy substitute for vermouth. Available from Furnette Formulas, Cincinnati , Ohio. Pepticlymacine Tetrazole is an acceptable substitute for Tyloxpolynide. Dispense at 40 ml per bottle. Also makes a fabulous skin lubricant for those occasions when you anticipate rubbing a lot of skin together. To prepare: to 15 ml. Mix together in a glass beaker. Stir the mixture well using only a pure clean glass rod.

Process into pill form. Usual dosage is 21 pills. Less useful for larger wounds, such as those involving farm equipment. Indirectly useful for stimulating tear ducts and provoking loud sounds. Consists of a medicated lozenge which dissolves at body temperature, inserted rectally. To prepare: Combine 10 ml. Bring to a boil. Allow to cool ever so slightly before adding 5 gm. Dilute with enough Nitrabylocynine to make 75 ml.


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