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Sort by: Sort by: Generac protects the things that power your life by providing quality, affordable power solutions. When you think about generators, you think Generac. Since they have committed to developing a long term vision that promotes environmentally responsible products, processes, and partnerships. Their generators provide power to homes, commercial buildings and large industrial equipment. AP Electric has been working with Generac for almost twenty years, giving us the advantage of the hands on experience needed to supply you with the most valuable generators on the market.

This year Generac has transformed several of their bestselling models in order to provide more efficient, reliable backup power. We have been working with electricians since our company opened in , and, any one of our contractors would tell you that the model has been their go to air cooled generator for years. This 20 kW generator was the best choice for many residential property owners.

The model has been eliminated. That came as a huge shock for our customers and our own customer service team. The newest 20kW generator is the The model models the in design and operational features.

The Generac is encased with a steel enclosure, while the has an aluminum enclosure. So Generac, why the change? Previously buying a 17kW generator, like the Generac , really only gave you 16kWs of running power.

Newer models, like the Generac , provide 16kWs for both starting and running watts. Most natural gas generators had two kW ratings, one for starting watts and the other running watts. This meant that you were figuratively paying for an extra kW unnecessarily. By upholding their promise to offer the most valuable products, Generac eliminated their 17kW and 14kW models. This allowed them to focus on improving the existing 16, 20 and adding a 22kW air cooled line.

What works even better for our customers is the newer models are actually less expensive than the equivalent discontinued products. The biggest release we saw this year was the revolutionary 22kW air cooled product line. The entire generator line is designed to optimize key real-world performance elements: total cost per kilowatt, reliability, ease of operation and capacity in relation to the range of load requirements of modern homes.

This model delivers the lowest comprehensive cost per kW with whole house power coverage. The Guardian Series is also extremely flexible in terms of specific site applications and fuel-source issues.

In areas with low gas system pressure, the Guardian generator can operate with pressure as low as 3. If needed, the unit can also be field-converted to LP gas supply or vice versa in a few seconds without any tools.

This yard-friendly, remarkably quiet generator runs a low-RPM periodic self-test for only five minutes. The homeowner decides whether this test runs weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and at what specific times. Please take a look at customer reviews of this unit elsewhere on the website. There is a large and growing base of satisfied homeowners who attest to the superior dependability and low maintenance demands of the 22kW model If you are in the market for a new home standby generator for yourself, your business or your clients we encourage you to explore the new Generac models.

The 22kW line offers a great value, and, the 16kW and 20kW models offer great values for smaller power needs. AP Electric has a knowledgeable technical support team that can answer questions about any of these models or changes that Generac has made this year. If you are unsure which kW rating you need use our Generator Sizing Tool. Generac offers the most comprehensive line of air cooled generators in the market today. Generac generators come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6kW to 22kW.

By now you should be pretty sure of the size of generator you are looking for. Only consider a home standby generator if you are looking for a unit that will be permanently affixed to your home. A Generac air cooled generator is permanently installed, much like an air conditioner outside of your home or business.

A Generac air cooled generator is either a home standby circuited — meaning it powers a limited number of chosen devices or whole house meaning it powers all or many of the devices in a home or small business. Knowing this information will help you nail down which transfer switch option you need. Most Generac Generators are conveniently packaged with compatible transfer switch options.

These models offer the lowest comprehensive cost per watt to run. Imagine not losing any conveniences during a power outage. In many remote areas, power could be lost for days at a time. One year of not throwing away food or replacing damaged electronics pays for the cost itself. The peace of mind these generators offer are unmatched.





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