Setting Up Ring Delay After a connection has been established, you can also use the short cuts of your base station telephone from the Comfort handset. Setting Tones Only Page 53 — Registering the Comfort handset Page 54 — Preparing the base station telephone Page 55 — Allocating a name to an internal subscri AGB Operating at telephone systems The following settings must be made when you register a repeater at the base station isd. Whatever the situation, the base station telephone will of- fer you the appropriate choices, gigasrt while you are making a cal. Enter the name and prefix max. For your own secu- rity, the time available figaset registration is limited to one minute.

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Bat Your Phone Thinks Ahead When in the vici- nity of the base station telephone, you can use the station as an intercom system, enabling you to answer without lif- ting the handset. This means that both phone tigaset are busy for the dura- tion of a call.

The handset procedure is described in the operating instructions for the relevant handset. Speaking To The Subscribers Individually Page 34 — Transferring Page 35 — Three-party conference Page 36 — Speaking to the subscribers individually Page 37 — Comfort telephone features Page 38 — Dialling from the calls list Page 39 — Deleting the calls list Isnd 40 — Setting a reminder Page 41 — Using the base station telephone as an i The call number is dialled immediately.

Accessories You can use all the usual handset functions available from the base station in this extended radio range. Enter the PIN code of the receiving device factory setting and confirm. You can activa- te and deactivate it manually or by means of automatic time control. The display shows all telephone accounts with the relevant unit or cost count. These can be accessed using the two soft keys under the display.

After a connection has been established, you can also use the short cuts of your base station telephone from the Comfort handset. Accepting Or Rejecting Callback Do not place the base station telephone in direct sunlight. Changing ixdn data The factory settings reflect the optimum settings for the base station telephone.

Making An External Call You can also select a number from the telephone directory. Table Of Contents Activating hands-free dialling When this function is activated, the pressing of a digit key immediately causes a line to be seized and this number to Setting Up Telephone Accounts credit, Pin Right of modification reserved.

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Bedienungsanleitung SIEMENS GIGASET 3035 ISDN

These Operating Instructions This function is active on delivery. Enabling Remote Reply Page 66 — Deleting the base station telephone dire The system may interfere with medical equipment. Setting the handset volume Call the menu. Short cut is activated. AM PIN set type 71 deactivating time stamp Call number improving quality adding a call number to the telephone number of rings directory 28 open listening allocation to a function key 72 picking up calls Warranty Within this warranty period, Siemens AG shall cover all material or manufac- turing defects free of charge. Deleting an amount Call menu.


Siemens Gigaset 3035 Manuals



This is Gigaset


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