This is a free sample lesson. Sign up for Magoosh to get access to over video lessons. Turn on captions. Close alert Magoosh Expert Transcript Welcome to the mnemonics video. But first off, what does mnemonics mean? Mnemonics are creative memory devices, so visuals or associations to help you better remember something.

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If you steadily work through a words a day, you will quickly build your vocabulary! I am looking for some material that it could be helpful for me to study. Here is a sample of the test. Would you help me out after reading the mock exam and tell me which vocabulary package could be the best fit for me? In general, we recommend that student start with official materials, and it sounds like you have already done so.

I recommend talking to people who are already working at interpreters to see if they have any study advice. Best of luck on your test! I browsed through the website, there are a number of word lists by the same name. Can you tell me which one are you referring to? Just keep in mind that these are all user-created, so you should find one that looks well made! Thanks for your help!

Just a general question. This is my first comment on any of your blogs.. I did not get any notification on my email after your reply. Just wanted to know is that the case? Am I not suppose to get a notification after you reply to my comment? Reply Neha January 3, at pm Hi, Chris!

They are not a very effective way to learn vocabulary, especially since it misses the point of vocabulary on the GRE! Many students memorize thousands of definitions but still have trouble with the simplest TC and SE questions because of this! Ultimately, having a high-level reading practice and learning words in their natural context is the best way to prepare for the GRE.

You can see more on this strategy here: Reading Vocabulary in Context. However, if you want to sit for the exam, I would highly recommend utilizing a GRE test prep resource, whether Magoosh or another test prep.

To be comfortable with the exam and reach your target score, you want to have a lot of practice with both the Verbal and Quant sections of the exam, as well as time to focus on improving on your weaknesses.

Feel free to check out the 1-Week free trial in Magoosh! I recommend reading for at least half an hour a day, and if you have time, try to read for about an hour a day!

Pause every so often, and recap the main message in your own words. About once a month, Chris selects an GRE-level article and provides both GRE vocabulary for you to focus on as you read, as well as a brief discussion of the piece. Reply ozair November 16, at am HI chris, my question is that there are same words in vocabulary builder and magoosh flash cards? These same words appear in the Vocabulary Builder App. But there, the words from the flashcards are presented in a series of quiz questions.

For each word, you see a multiple-choice list of synonyms and brief definitions, and you select correct answers from those lists. Studying a word n a few different contexts and learning it in a few different styles can really accelerate your vocabulary learning and help you remember the words more fully and accurately. Will Magoosh cover up that words?


GRE Vocabulary Word Lists & Quiz



Download: Gre Mnemonic Word List Pdf.pdf





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