Foladori, Guillermo ; Invernizzi, Noela. Foladori, G. Posgrado y Sociedad. Patents and nanotechnology innovation in Mexico. Recent Patents on Nanotechnology , v.

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Nanotechnology Research Areas in Chile Zumelzu offers a revision of the current research projects in nanotechno- logy in Chile. Additionally, there is no proper training in math and science at the lower levels of the education system, which can affect enrollment in highly technical graduate programs in the future. The basic tools for developing these new materials are pro- vided by micro and nanotechnology: In Chenery and Srinivasan eds.

The main objective was to increase international competitiveness by sup- porting innovation and technological development in strategic areas. The new nano economical order. The Dark Side of Nanotechnology in Chile: This can, with- out any doubt, undermine the conditions of the working classes. Accessed 3 December Let us consider for instance a report prepared for President Clinton ent- itled Nanotechnologies: In the same way, the A group shows a greater amount of doctoral, master and degree students than the other groups.

Nanotechnology and the Centers of Excellence in Chile Nanotechnologies are part of a technological branch that is growing worldwide and are associated with both the knowledge economy and the innovation para- digm. The State, the public administration, and the citizenry are entitled to deploy the full force of the legal and administrative system to protect their rights and liberties if they are threatened by the emerging techno- logies.

The Political Economy of Growth. Researching Risks of Nanomaterials in Mexico more. If the estimation is correct, between andthe market for products containing nanocomponents will grow up to 90 per- cent. Report to the Leaders. Similar authors to follow Nanotechnology in Latin America in the Crossroad. Accessed 7 December http: Net February 21, Its main purpose is to encourage the formation of supply chains for the semiconductor industry and other related areas. The conditions and provisions to create and implement a National Initiative for Nanotechnology Development were pre- sent, but the lack of funding and the absence of an executive plan created barriers to fully develop a national initiative for nanotechnology.

From this perspective, nanotechnology is por- trayed as the necessary starting point to support a necessary change in the development process sought by these countries. Both policies were synthesized in into the Nanotechnology National Program. The analysis was done through the identification of the main NT research centers in Mexico and the available information they have made public via institutional websites. This problematic raises the importance of analyzing the educational context, the institutions and the promotion of science and techno- logy in a country.

In Table 4 we pro- vide some examples of the visions of efficiency in these areas. Converging Technologies for Improving Human Per- formance. The plan is to attract the most im- portant centers for research and education and convince them to set up shop in Monterrey.

Finally, we analyze how they are used to legitimize a new field of rese- arch. Risksto Health and Environment more. Informe sobre desarrollo humano As we understand it, the principle requires an ex-ante certainty of benefits and costs related to new technology, which is somewhat opposite to ex- post foladoti management of technological accidents or unintended consequences.

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