Stevens wrote that "Charles F. Louis, Missouri when Charles was a child. Louis, and he worked for this firm in varying capacities for fifteen years before striking out on his own as a writer and businessman. They had one son and two daughters. In his wife died. In he married for the second time, to Margaret Nicholson of St.

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Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read : 72 Total Download : File Size : 43,9 Mb Description : Mental chemistry is a power which is sweeping through eternity, a living stream of relative action in which the basic principle is ever active; it embraces the past and carries it forward into the ever widening future; a movement where relative action, cause, and effect go hand in hand; where law dovetails into law and where all laws are the ever willing handmaids of this great creative force.

This power stretches beyond the utmost planets, beyond a beginning, beyond an ending, and on into a beginningless and endless eternity; it causes the things we see to take form and shape. It brings the fruit from the he blossom and the sweetness to the honey; it measures the sweep of the countless orbs; it lurks in the sparkle in the diamond, and in the amethyst and in the grape; it works in the seen and in the unseen, and it permeates the all.

It is the source of perfect justice, perfect unity, perfect harmony, and perfect truth; while its constant activity brings perfect balance, perfect growth, and perfect understanding. Perfect justice, because it renders equal retribution.

Perfect unity, because it has oneness of purpose. Perfect harmony, because in it all laws blend. Perfect truth, because it is the one great truth of all existence. Perfect balance, because it measures unerringly. Perfect growth, because it is a natural growth. Perfect understanding, because it solves every problem of life. The reality of this law lies in its activity, for only through action, and constant change, can this law come to be; and only through inaction can it cease to be; but as there is no inaction, there can be no cessation.

Life is an orderly advancement, governed by the "Law of Attraction. In the first we are creatures of law, in the second users of law, and in the third we are masters of law.

In the first we are unconscious users of thought power, in the second conscious users of thought power, and in the third we are conscious users of conscious power. So long as we persist in using only the laws of the first section we are held in bondage to them; so long as we remain satisfied with the laws and growth of the second section we shall never become conscious of a greater advancement. In the third section we awaken to our conscious power over laws of the first and second sections, and become fully awake to the laws governing the third.

When rightly understood, life is found not to be a question of chance; not a question of creed; not a question of nationality; not a question of social standing; not a question of wealth; not a question of power, NO--all of these have a place to fill in the growth of the individual, but we must all eventually come to know that Harmony comes only as the result of a compliance with Natural Law.

We have just begun to realize in a small degree what this newly discovered power may do for us. The last century saw the most magnificent material progress in history. May the new century produce the greatest progress in mental and spiritual power.


Charles F. Haanel



Mental Chemistry - Charles F Haanel




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