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After doing his Twelve Labors, Hercules has become a mercenary, wandering the ancient world with a band of companions - Iolaus, Tydeus, Amphiaraus, Autolycus, Atalanta, Meleager, and Meneus. Cotys the king of Thrace employs them to train his army and to fight the rebel Rhesus. But all is not as it seems The first miniseries was adapted into a movie starring Dwayne Johnson as Hercules. Amazon Chaser : Meleager is infatuated with Atalanta. Anti-Hero : Hercules and his companions are mostly hardened killers who may be loyal to each other, but otherwise motivated by money and vengeance instead of altruism.

Ax-Crazy : Tydeus, who eats the brains of his slain opponents. Also uses axes. Amphiaraus: Not while Zeus protects me! Badass Crew : Hercules and his companions. Hercules: She died the way she lived This was one of the things Bowdlerized out of the film, leading Alan Moore no relation to call for fans to boycott it. Blood Knight : Tydeus is always spoiling for a fight, so he can eat more brains.

Call That a Formation? The Cassandra : Amphiaraus the seer, who predicts things like the Trojan War but nobody pays attention. So Meneus is the only one of his crew to bite it.

Also Atalanta. A virgin devotee of Artemis until she was tricked into marriage with the golden apple business, and her husband raped her on their wedding night. Death Seeker : Atalanta, who keeps calling on Artemis to take her. However after some insults go their way, they end up slaughtering everyone in the dining hall, including the king and his guards.

Then the real king shows up and reveals he wanted to see their fighting skills. Famed in Story : Hercules, and every one of his crew. The Ghost : The gods are mentioned but never seen in person. Gory Discretion Shot : Hercules loses it when a sniper takes out Meneus and rips him apart with his bare hands. It happens just off page, with some flying bits. Loveable Rogue : Autolycus the thief, son of Hermes the god of thieves. Iconic Outfit : Hercules wears the skin of the Nemean lion and wields a club and a bow.

Setting Update : A minor one. This would mean the Pharaoh at the time would have been Ramses II. On further note, according to Herodotus Heracles lived years before his time: circa BC, meaning the Pharaoh would be Horemheb. Super Strength : Hercules of course. Take Over the World : Cotys plans to conquer the Greek states after Hercules has whipped his army into shape and disposed of the threat to his throne for him.

The Straight Man : Iolaus, relative to most of the crew. Tagalong Kid : Meneus, the youngest of the band. Walking Shirtless Scene : Hercules is always barechested.


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