Ha pochi clienti, molti debiti, dopo la rottura con la sua fidanzata ha deciso di stabilirsi nel suo stesso ufficio a Denmark Street. Lula Landry Bristow , 23 anni, top model morta tre mesi prima degli eventi del romanzo, caduta dal balcone del suo appartamento al terzo piano. John Bristow, fratello adottivo di Lula Landry. Lavora per suo zio, Tony Landry, in un grande studio legale di famiglia. Decide di assumere Strike per indagare sul presunto suicidio della sorella. Secondari[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Evan Duffield, il fidanzato di Lula, musicista con problemi di droga.

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Start your review of Il richiamo del cuculo Cormoran Strike 1 Write a review Shelves: mystery-thriller , Feb 3rd - Extra things you should know: 1 This is a negative review. If you are looking for reviews that confirm what you are already certain of that JKR can do no wrong here are some examples of positive reviews for you - 1 , 2 , 3. It seemed funny at the time. I will no longer reply to insults of any kind or condescending suggestions that I read the book again.

You can just ignore these points. I love Harry Potter and I confess to only adding this book after I found out she was the author. I did not expect magic or wizards and I fully anticipated this being very different to the HP books. My favourites being by Tana French and Gillian Flynn. I actually find it painful to read.

Rowling writes in an unusual manner. It feels out of place and weighs down each page with tedious descriptions that use too many awkward similes, metaphors and adjectives. The characters in this book never check the time or look at their watches, they "consult" their watches. Try reading whole pages where every sentence replaces the obvious words with complex ones and see how far you get without your brain starting to scream. And it felt like every single noun had at least one adjective before it.

Not only that, but Rowling repeats similar adjectives when referring to the objects again. What is this? And maybe it works fine in all of those, same as it works fine in Harry Potter, but none of those also had a side-helping of profanity and very adult themes.

They do all, however, share the formal language style. The formal tone with simplistic language - like in Harry Potter - is okay, but dense descriptions and over-complicated sentences made it hard work and tedious in this book. Not for me, anyway. Yes, I did get a little overexcited when I googled Mary Poppins gifs.


“Il richiamo del cuculo” di Robert Galbraith: un romanzo che ho terminato a fatica



Il richiamo del cuculo


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