Foundations Of Algorithms, 4th Edn. An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering. Computer Graphics, C Version, 2e. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance within 10 days. An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering by Pankaj Jalote Consequently, this book fo cuses on these two sofrware, and for key tasks in each, discusses concepts and techniques that can be applied effectively on projects.

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MTech in Engineering and Education — for improving the quality of education There is shortage of quality teachers in India. Engineering colleges is where bulk of engineering education occurs in the country — of the appx 15Lac engineers produced each year, perhaps more than two-thirds get their education in the affiliated colleges there are over 40, affiliated colleges in India.

Earlier with smaller classes and a much smaller Higher Education HE system, a teaching-led education sufficed. A university has research and higher education as twin focus.

However, not all universities emphasise both equally, and only a few develop the capability to excel in research. In every country, some universities evolve into research universities with a strong focus and culture on […] A 3-Tier Higher Education System for India Need for a 3-Tier HE System A natural way to organize the higher education system is to consider it as comprising of three tiers — focusing on research and doctorate, PG and UG education, and UG education.

I am giving here an article I wrote with Prof. But, of course, autonomy is not sufficient. This was the last one for me as Director, and the first one we held in the seater auditorium in our new Seminar Complex a huge building with seminar rooms, class rooms, labs, etc, as well as one full floor of incubation center.

While they were directed at graduating class, I am sharing some more general ones here. Full text of the speech […] Autonomy in Admissions In two earlier posts, we discussed some key aspects of academic autonomy and administrative autonomy in an Higher Education Institution HEI. Admission is another aspect of academic autonomy, which is very important in India due to the paucity of high quality education opportunities.

It deserves a separate discussion, and is the subject of this note. Lack of sufficient autonomy is likely to lead to institutions that are not dynamic, and such institutions cannot excel.

No wonder, given the low level of autonomy in our HEIs, none of them […] In Search of Excellence Pursuit of excellence is an integral part of Academics. I had written an article in Times Of India editorial page a few years ago. I am giving that article below. Many years have passed since that article and during this period much more attention has been given to lack of?

Then courses on different foundational areas of the discipline and engineering are taught. Only after that a student can try to practice engineering. The overall model has been to teach the […] Enhancing Autonomy in our Higher Education Institutions This is a somewhat longer version of the article that recently appeared in Times of India Editorial Page — e-paper link, regular TOI link.

Some of them were the G-8 universities top universities identified by the Australian Government , and rest just below them.

However, with easy and cheap availability computing power, its use has become ubiquitous — there is hardly any discipline or any sphere of life which is not directly affected by IT. It was also reported recently that some of the top colleges in Delhi have a majority of students from one Board in south, and a large number from one school.

Both of these […] Widen the Entrance Criteria in Higher Education Institutions It is well established that good quality higher education is the best way to open doors to a variety of opportunities — that is why world over students vie to get into the best universities and colleges.

Due to this, while school education is meant to lay the foundation for a broad development of the […] First Year of College may be Critical for Success Many faculty have observed that often performance of students in later years of a 4-year program is similar to the performance achieved in the first year. Here are some replies almost verbatim : We used to be afraid of going on stage, […] Current Approaches to Teaching Cannot Deliver High Quality Education Let me start this note with a simple assertion: education is about learning by students, where learning includes not only knowledge and understanding of a variety of concepts and phenomenon, but also development of higher order skills and capabilities for applying knowledge for problem solving.

Even at Rs 3 Lac, the fee would have covered perhaps about half of the actual cost per student of running an IIT. High quality higher education is actually expensive. However, their use in providing quality education, particularly to students enrolled in some degree program, has been minimal […] Faculty Attrition in Research Universities Faculty in a research-focused university are expected to do quality research and quality teaching — knowledge creation and dissemination being the twin goals of such an Institution.

Due to the importance of research, for faculty positions in such institutions, PhD degree is normally a requirement. I have also participated as expert in many selection committees in different IITs. Have […] Assessing Students for Research Internships Recently I participated as a member of committees which were to select candidates for summer internship for two major collaborative sponsored programs.

Though the number of internships were decent in each, still the number of shortlisted candidates were about 10 times the number of internships — indicating the strong demand for such internships. In College life, besides studies, self growth is also an important goal for students.

Therefore they need to effectively balance the two goals, which often conflict. Replies are generally like: become a great programmer, engineering, mathematician,…. For the counseling of incoming BTech students, I compiled the placement data for the graduating batch.

I was pleasantly surprised at the result — vast majority of our students got placed in technology companies, which not only offer technically more challenging work, but in general, […] Undue Focus on Marks is Hurting Students Success in Indian education, particularly at school level, is measured almost entirely in terms of marks obtained in some tests.

A key goal of school education is to facilitate getting good higher education opportunities. NR Narayana Murthy was the chief guest. The report has been published and can be found, along with the background, here.

As the report clearly shows, while the number is not as low as one thought, it is still about Grading schemes in universities vary with many systems in existence. Last year, I posed two specific questions to each faculty member. While there can be sophesticated ways of assessing the quality e. The concept of autonomy seems to be invoked in any issue in which government side differs from the academic side.

But autonomy comes with responsibility, and this responsibility is much more for a publicly funded institution — something that […] Building World Class Universities in India I recently attended the 5th Global University Summit, in which senior leaders from universities from many countries participated and shared views.

It was indeed a unique opportunity to meet and listen to leaders of some of the best universities of the world. We all know that the basic teaching-learning process is that the teacher teaches using various instruments like lectures, tutorials, assignments, labs, and student learns […] Constraints in Research Grants I recently wrote an article in TOI on research funding in India, highlighting three specific changes which can incentivise research as well as make research funding a potent tool for driving the research agend.

Full article which also provides some analysis can be found here. And after this herculean effort with a unidirectional focus of cracking the JEE, for many, getting in an Institute like an IIT becomes the ultimate goal, an […] Selecting the program of study at the UG Level Summers are a major decision time for students completing class XII — what degree program to enroll in.

In making this decision, I feel that students and parents give almost exclusive importance to opportunities after graduation, without giving sufficient weight to aptitude and interest. I have earlier written a note Is IT the right choice for you, with inputs from various academicians, which gives some views on who should chose IT and who should avoid IT for their BTech. But even in IT, the programs of various […] Collaborative PhD Program A strong sentiment expressed in the survey I had conducted regarding doing PhD in India was the desire to have global exposure, and spending some time in a research group in overseas there was also a strong sentiment in favor of spending some time in industry research lab.

As research requires many abilities as well as creation of new knowledge, a PhD program is necessarily a long one. PhD programs across the world vary a lot in the method they follow to achieve this objective. There are programs which have no course work e. We felt that this will give a clear message that we would like to be a research-led Institute. Thankfully, by the end of the […] Shifting Life Gear and putting my Money where my Mouth is Note: This post is almost totally personal.

Very soon after accepting the position, IIIT-Delhi had become a compelling dream for me, which I set out to fulfill with enthusiasm and optimism. I had maintained a 5. What is the difference between the two disciplines?

Broadly, we can say that while Computer Science focuses on the foundations of computing, IT as a discipline focuses on satisfying computing technology needs of organizations and disciplines using computing. Reflecting on what has made it feasible, I have identified a few insights, which I think can be useful to other Institutions as well: Recruitment should largely be the responsibility of the person who is administratively closest to the faculty being recruited.

The farther […].


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The final prices may differ from the prices shown due to specifics of VAT rules About this Textbook An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering introduces software engineering to advanced-level undergraduate and graduate students of computer science. It emphasizes a case-study approach whereby a project is developed through the course of the book, illustrating the different activities of software development. The sequence of chapters is essentially the same as the sequence of activities performed during a typical software project. All activities, including quality assurance and control activities, are described in each chapter as integral activities for that phase of development. Similarly, the author carefully introduces appropriate metrics for controlling and assessing the software process. Reviews From the reviews of the third edition: "Engineering and project management are the two major types of skills required in software engineering.


An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering



A Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW


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