Yosho The One and the Many. Against Value in the Arts and Education. Urban Space and Cityscapes. Generations and Geographies in the Visual Arts: Irit Rogoff uses the work of contemporary artists to explore how art in rooff twentieth century has confronted issues of terr and belonging.

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Her initiatives to establish this new field are led by a belief that we must work beyond bodies of inherited disciplinary knowledge and find motivation for knowledge production in the current conditions we are living out. Mirzoeff, , 2nd ed. Rogoff works between academic teaching, theoretical writing, curatorial projects and organizing public study. Together with colleagues she formed the freethought collective in and they are co-curating The Bergen Assembly in D program in theorizing the curatorial.

Her teaching has consistently brought together theoretical analysis and collective independent research projects and explored emergent new possibilities of practice based research as an intellectual project.

Res and PH. D programs and heads the PH. D in Visual Culture. Area of supervision: Given her overarching interest in critical epistemology and questions of contemporary research modes. Rogoff areas of supervision include: vectors of knowledge production in contemporary art, questions of the curatorial, contemporary participatory culture, questions of education beyond institutions and critical perspectives in global circuits. Professional projects: As a curator and public organisor Rogoff has been involved in a series of exhibitions, the public programs they generate and the possibility of constituting public study platforms at the edges of numerous occasions.

Projects such as A. Y , Hamburg Kunstverein, MuHka Antwerp VanAbbe, Eindhoven brought together large groups of intellectuals, curators, architects and artists to pose questions about the forms that learning might take within public institutional culture. Rogoff, A. Nollert, B. Of Contmp. Art explored how the work of a contemporary artist might provide pathways into a broader understanding of a culture by wrapping the art work in several layers of archives and performative reflection.

As part of the freethought collective — continuing from several initial projects at the Steirerischer Herbst Festival and at Former West — a project investigating Infrastructure as affective economies and subjective membranes within world structures, will be one strand of the Bergen Assembly Angelika Nollert and Irit Rogoff, Revolver GeoCultures I am interested in untangling the seemingly naturalized relations of subjects and places, in the constitution of sites and spaces that can not be cohered under the proper names on nations, regions, identities or identities and in the cultural and artistic practices that have emerged from mobilities, dislocations and states of extreme and prolonged conflict and the terroristic as the undermine the certainties of belonging, stability and emplacement.

My forthcoming book Looking Away — Participating Singularities, Ontological Communities builds on work I published and curated in recent years and which asks the question on what does it mean to take part in culture beyond the roles that culture allots us for that kind of involvement.

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Professor Irit Rogoff



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