Moving to Paris from Alsace to study modern chemistry and physics, he developed an interest in Alchemy , reading every alchemical text he could find including those by Paracelsus and Ramon Llull. He also developed an interest in painting and became the student of Matisse. On 23 July the group dissolved and another group was formed in its place: Les Veilleurs "the Vigilants" , to which at least according to the historian Pierre Mariel the young Rudolf Hess belonged. Its uniform consisted of a dark shirt, high-boots and riding-breeches, akin to the Sturmabteilung. The letter signed by "Aor" was addressed "To the Jews", where he advised all Jews to "go back home". The first issue of its journal, Veilleur, contained an anonymous anti-semitic article that first appeared in a Masonic journal from

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She became "Jeanne le Veilleur". The nomen mysticum "ISHA" was his distinctive title. She had a gift that could be described as paranormal. She was the feminine intuition raised to its highest degree and "AOR" often repeated : "She was never mistaken about the motivations of those who approached us, she always sensed whether they would be favorable or hostile to us".

Then when Suhalia was created in in Switzerland, Isha imposed the Dalcrose method which was not the choice of Amma. It took them away from each other for a moment, but everything worked out fraternally… ISHA had a very cheerful temper, then in a moment she became taciturn.

This changing mood was the result of her extreme sensitivity, as she often had flashes of lucidity about future or situations. AOR was very attentive to her remarks, especially when he noticed that they came from the Intelligence of the Heart. He called it "confondement". That establishes another relation to time and space foreign to our conception which makes it possible to free oneself from the domination of the Lion, that is to say from all that makes us prisoner of this space and this time.

Isha showed to AOR how to read hieroglyphs so that abscond sentences suddenly take on a different meaning. ISHA had a very cheerful temper, then in a moment she became taciturn. In Luxor, she gave courses in hieroglyphs.

She has always loved to transmit and especially to awaken consciences. In her teaching, she was sometimes severe, but just as a good pedagogue who wants to encourage her students to make better progress. This means that the spirit of ISHA was entering writing, no longer signs, but living images that livened up on the stone. For a Western mind, it is difficult to read this writing because of the variety of meanings that each hieroglyphic character can take.

AOR had previously tried to classify the determinatives, but the result was not encouraging. It was ISHA who gave him the key to a method of reading, using "the weight of words" and their place in a sentence. There was such a fusion of soul and heart between them that words were superfluous. They did not need to talk to each other to understand each other. They had reached the degree of "confondement" that AOR spoke so much about and that was the practical result of his teaching.

She had devoted her life to the Master, his teaching and the radiance of his thought. Her land journey was coming to end and she knew she would not survive long. And you see that it is impossible to describe AOR left for the "Far Horizon" on December 7, Behold, I have obeyed the necessity of transmitting the last message of the disembodied Master, and to give by this story the testimony of his Mastery and his finest teaching.


L'apertura del cammino



Isha Schwaller de Lubicz



R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz


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