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Apart from an interruption from to , he remained its choirmaster and conductor until Which motif? Is this dramatic opera? Most of his achievements in this field were published in — though his interest in folklore would be lifelong. In , the first part of his piano cycle On an Overgrown Path was published and gradually became one of his most frequently-performed works.

On the first occasion he took his daughter Olga to St. Petersburg , where she stayed to study Russian. Only three months later, he returned to St. Petersburg with his wife because Olga had become very ill. They took her back to Brno , but her health worsened. He still yearned for artistic recognition from Prague. He was He conducted an obsessive and on his side at least passionate correspondence with her, of nearly letters.

Composed in , performed with success in England in the s. Problems playing this file? See media help. In the spring of , he created his Sinfonietta , a monumental orchestral work, which rapidly gained wide critical acclaim. In the same year, he went to England at the invitation of Rosa Newmarch. A number of his works were performed in London, including his first string quartet, the wind sextet Youth, and his violin sonata. The result was the large-scale orchestral Glagolitic Mass.

In January , he began his second string quartet, the Intimate Letters , his "manifesto on love". Meanwhile, the Sinfonietta was performed in London, Vienna and Dresden. He died on 12 August in Ostrava , at the sanatorium of Dr. Klein, at the age of He was given a large public funeral that included music from the last scene of his Cunning Little Vixen and was buried in the Field of Honour at the Central Cemetery, Brno. He led the organ school, was a Professor at the teachers institute and gymnasium in Brno, collected his "speech tunes" and was composing.

From an early age, he presented himself as an individualist and his firmly formulated opinions often led to conflict. He unhesitatingly criticized his teachers, who considered him a defiant and anti-authoritarian student, yet his own students found him to be strict and uncompromising.

Years of effort in obscurity took their toll, and almost ended his ambitions as a composer: "I was beaten down", he wrote later, "My own students gave me advice — how to compose, how to speak through the orchestra". On his return to Brno, he appears not to have concealed his new passion from Zdenka, who responded by attempting suicide. Zdenka, anxious to avoid the public scandal of formal divorce, persuaded him to settle for an "informal" divorce.

Max Brod had to dissuade him. His letters to his long-suffering wife are, by contrast, mundanely descriptive. Only a few postcards survive. He studied the circumstances in which "speech tunes" changed, the psychology and temperament of speakers and the coherence within speech, all of which helped render the dramatically truthful roles of his mature operas, and became one of the most significant markers of his style.

It employs a vastly expanded view of tonality , uses unorthodox chord spacings and structures, and often, modality : "there is no music without key. Atonality abolishes definite key, and thus tonal modulation Folksong knows of no atonality.



Apart from an interruption from to , he remained its choirmaster and conductor until Which motif? Is this dramatic opera? Most of his achievements in this field were published in — though his interest in folklore would be lifelong.


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Slava — Ehre — Gloria 4. Editor Thomas Daniel Schlee b. Since this work was first published after with the prescribed copyright notice, it is unlikely that this work is public domain in the USA. The original final version was then subsequently sxore, taking musicological and practical performance aspects into account. To be able to use Universal Edition in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.




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