Loss of support from near and dear etc. They are as follows. This is the best way to get off from sarpa dosha bad effects. Why in Sri Ramanadha swami temple, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu?? From that day this place has became an important place to perform the Kaala sarpa dosha nivarana pujas. What is the procedure for performing the dosha nivarana puja: First get confirmation about presence of sarpa dosham in your jatakam.

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In Astrology Rahu and Ketu is known as great serpent. Rahu is known as the Mouth of the Serpent and Ketu is the rest of the Body. People born with this yoga can experience unexpected Success or Failure as per their Past life Karma. But they will certainly go through lot of ups and down. Even if Lagna is out of this axis, this Yoga will not be formed. For ideal formation all the signs between Rahu and Ketu should be occupied by planets continuously and No vacant Sign should be there.

If Rahu or ketu joins with any planet placed in Lagna or 7th house, inauspicious result of this Yoga reduces to a great extent. Along with this if other good yogas are also present, you will be able to enjoy the good result after some initial hurdle. I have written a detailed article on the effect of 7th house Rahu in Kundli. Many People Argue that there is no mention of this yoga in Astrological Classics and hence it should not be considered.

But we all know that there are hundreds of Yogas mentioned in Classics and None of them will give result in all the Horoscope. Why So? Because like Yoga there is also Yoga bhanga. That is why with many negative Doshas some people can rise very high whereas with many good yogas a person can not achieve anything in life.

So Only because this Yoga is not mentioned in Classic, we cannot ignore it. We will see this Yoga in chart of both highly Successful person as well as in the chart of Poor people also. This is a grey area which needs more research.

Great Astrologer of this Century Mr. B V Raman in his Book has also suggested to check this Yoga but with proper consideration. Whether it is a Dosha or Yoga It is more often called as a Dosha because it mostly gives inauspicious result.

When all the planets are within the Rahu-Ketu axis, they become ineffective and cannot give result as per their full potential. That is why it is often termed as Dosha rather than Yoga. But that does not mean everyone who is having this Yoga will suffer in their life.

There are Two types of Kala sarpa Yoga- if Rahu is placed 6 Rashi ahead of all the planet and Ketu is placed behind all the Planets, in Such cases this Yoga will not give Much trouble and difficulty. You will be able to enjoy the life.

When Rahu becomes strong and all the planets are moving towards Rahu, the beneficial result increases. If the Planet associated with Rahu or Ketu is in own sign or in exaltation sign, the inauspicious result of this Yoga is reduced largely.

But if Ketu is 6 Rashi ahead of all the planets and Rahu is placed behind all the Planets. In Such Situation it gives inauspicious Result. When Rahu or Ketu Occupies Kendra the inauspicious result increases.

When Rahu becomes debilitated and all the planets move towards its, the inauspicious result of this Yoga increases. We know that Rahu and Ketu are related with our Past life deed. They have direct connection with our past life unfulfilled desires. So, when all the planets including Lagna is within the clutch of them, our life is mostly driven by our Past life Karmafal.

All the planets will be in between them. After the age of 27, Gradual improvement is promised if there is other strong Yogas are present. This will give problem in both Financial matter as well as in Personal life. You will also face trouble and Problem from Inheritance also. After the age of 33 Gradual improvement is promised if there is other strong Yogas are present. This gives Problem from Younger siblings, Parents etc. You will work very hard but you may not get the desired result of your hard work.

After the age of 36 Gradual improvement is promised if there is other strong Yogas are present. If you want to Consult Me, you May contact me.

Book Your Consultation! You will face Financial Loss due to your family members. You will face difficulty in Education. You will face obstacles in your professional Life. After the age of 43 Gradual improvement is promised if there is other strong Yogas are present. So, this clearly shows lack of Purva Punya.

You will face Problem related to Child birth and also related to Financial prosperity. Even Sometime Childs also suffer in their Education and Career also.

After the age of 48 Gradual improvement is promised if there is other strong Yogas are present. This is one of most in auspicious Kind of Yoga. You will face lot of enmity, Opposition and Lot of Hindrances in all your work.

You will also face Financial Loss. After the age of 54 Gradual improvement is promised if there is other strong Yogas are present. You can attain Very Good Height but the tendency to renounce the world will always remain within you. You will have interest in philopohy, magic, Occult Science etc.

If the planetary alignment is helpful, you can be a Saintly person. You will have an ordinary life till the age of 27 and after that you will get good progress. After the age of 60, you may be inclined towards spirituality. You will face lot of Financial Loss. You will experience lot of Ups and down in Financial matters. You can also face small Accidents. You will face problem from Court case or litigation also. Read: Effect of 8th house Rahu.

This will give you trouble in Business. You can have misunderstanding with Father or Senior in workplace. You have to fight for your own right. Sudden Downfall from Power and Position is also possible. All the Planets are between them. You will face problem in your professional life, family happiness, relationship with Mother etc. Due to excessive interference from your family members your personal life will be miserable.

But you can settle abroad. After the age of 42 Gradual improvement is promised if there is other strong Yogas are present. Your incoming gain can be Low. It is not good for financial prosperity. You can also suffer on account of your child. You should avoid Share trading or Speculation. It will never give you satisfaction in your life. You will have lot of hidden enemies. You can also get involved with politics and can face humiliation.

The general belief is that Kala sarpa Yoga is capable of spoiling all other good yoga in the Horoscope and it always give evil result. In interpreting the Kalasarpa Dosha we must see the houses involved and the planets involved. In each case result will be different. While predicting the Results we need to consider all the influences present in the chart. Only seeing the Presence of this yoga if we predict anything it will be a big mistake.

For example, if the Kala sarpa Dosha is present in axis, it is capable of destroying Marital happiness. But If the 7th Lord and Venus is well placed, such situation can be avoided. So, while predicting we need to consider all the factors. It also has bright side as well. It makes a person hard working, Practical and it can take a person to a great height provided there is other supporting factors.

People with this yoga is not only interested in Materialistic gain but they are also inclined towards spirituality and will have a philanthropic nature. So we must come to any conclusion only after a Through examination of the horoscope. But i am giving here only Some of the most effective Remedies for this.

This is the best remedy. KalRudra Yagya is also performed in these temple for this Dosha.


Kala Sarpa Dosham / Naga Dosham



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Kala sarpa Dosha- Types and effects with Practical Remedies



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